Dishonored – Daredevil Achievement Tips

A quick guide describing all of the 6 “tricky jumps” present in the Bonfires challenge for the daredevil achievement.

Tips for Daredevil Achievement

Starting Tips

I recommend playing through the Bonfire challenge a few times to get a lay of the land and find out a route most comfortable for you.

Recommended difficulty to play on is Normal. You can do it on expert for more of a challenge but good luck with the assassins about.

For movement you should always try to be sprinting, jumping and using blink. Blink is very important to this challenge and on normal difficulty is infinite. Do not worry about running out of mana on normal difficulty, it will automatically refill.

While falling into the void isn’t punished by health loss or point deduction, it will reset you to your last beam of light that you touched.

Beams of Light

There are 7 beams that are rotated through during the challenge. The first 2 beam locations are always the same and will never change during the start of the challenge. After this the beam locations will be randomized however I will continue to name the beams for this guide.

Because of the randomization this achievement is more luck based than skill based.

Beam 3 will be inside the white building with the empress Jessamine statue to your right when starting the challenge.

Beam 4 will be on the rooftops outside the side window from Beam 2

Beam 5 will be on the top of the slanted house in the back to your left when starting the challenge

Beam 6 will be on a small island to your left when starting the challenge

Beam 7 will be right behind you up the stairs when starting the challenge. I neglected to show a picture of this beam or label it in the picture since for this achievement you don’t need to jump to it.

Tricky Jumps

Luckily for this achievement the first 2 tricky jumps are always going to be the easiest since they are linked to the first 2 Beam locations.

For the first tricky jump, jump onto the island below you and to your left, get a running start, jump and blink onto the first Beam to get the first tricky jump

Blink back to the starting position and check to your right. In the void there should be various floating debris moving slowly. We will be using the debris for 2 jumps. For the first jump from the rock outcrop and onto the debris. Continue upward through the building until you reach just above the second Beam. For this jump you will have to jump through the windows by the debris onto the second Beam.

After these two jumps feel free ignoring the rest of the tricky jumps if you want to grind up some more time with whatever route you want to take if you feel like you would need it.

For the third tricky jump we will be jumping to Beam 3 from the floating debris again. Having just jumped to Beam 7 and getting Beam 3 would be a perfect opportunity for this one. Since Beam 3 is closer to the debris this one is considerable easier. To get the tricky jump you can jump and blink through the window to land on the beam or wait for the debris to float around the wall and jump or blink off onto the beam.

These next two tricky jumps will focus on Beam 6, on the island to your left at the start. For the first tricky jump, run off the rock above the island and jump off onto the beam. Easy enough but the next tricky jump is frustratingly harder.

Preferable before this jump you would want to have quite a bit of time saved or just got Beam 4 for your last jump. Jump onto the destroyed building above and behind the Beam 6 island and prepare yourself, you will need to double jump off into the void and blink through the destroyed window on the ground next to Beam 6.

In my opinion this is the most difficult jump as it requires you to time a blink while falling.

The last tricky jump is not as difficult as the last though it will require luck and good timing. Preferably you would either want to have quite a bit of time saved up or just finished a jump to Beam 5 on the slanted house. You are going to be jumping to Beam 1 from a height. For this jump you are going to want to jump up onto the floating island above the whole challenge. As a side note this island has Emily’s Doll up there if you are missing the doll for this challenge. Quickly run towards Empress Jessamine’s statue and jump off onto the beam.

These are all of the 6 tricky jumps with the easiest way to preform them.

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