Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – How to Unlock Super Saiyan God Transformation

This guide will go over unlocking the Super Saiyan God Awoken skill for your created character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Super Saiyan God Transformation Guide

Unlock Transformation

First, you have to collect all seven dragon balls and once you get all seven dragon balls head over to the pedestal and then summon shenron to make your wish, when you scroll to the bottom of the list you’ll find a wish that says “I want to become a god” and then you choose it.

After you’re done with the shenron wish there’s some requirements involved, you have to max out five friendship in order to actually get the transformation after the wish is made.

Once you have done that you’re gonna go to orange star high school at the top and talk to beerus, once you talk to beerus he’ll give you the Super Saiyan God awoken skill.

Instructors Friendship

The first thing we need to do to max out the instructor friendship is go to the infinite history which is located in the time nest.

And once you are there you will see these quests, you can play one of these quest over and over again so you can actually speed max out all your friendships.

Now just make sure before you start the quest you have the correct partner selected and the same partner before you jump into the quest which means if you are trying to max out goku he has to be your mentor. And before you jump into the quest choose goku and bring him along with you. Probably if you’re at zero percent friendship it takes about six tries to max them out.

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