Dread Delusion – Quests Guide (Fixes, Solutions and Tips)

This guide will help you complete or fix some quests and also complete tasks that are parts of quests.

Guide to Quests

Sky Pirate Quest Progression

Problem: Can’t progress in the sky pirate Caxton Frost quest after speaking to the vision trader.


  • Horace Metcalfe is a famous dreamweaver who avoids fans.
  • Look for his dwelling outside the city, in the countryside.
  • Search the area northeast of Ferropolis to find Horace’s location.
  • Interact with Horace there to progress the sky pirate quest further.

The Whispers of Ghosts Quest Broken

Problem: In the Clockwork Kingdom, the ship wreckage required to progress the quest is missing, and the NPC is unreachable.


The developers are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

To complete the quest now without waiting for a patch:

  • Progress to the Endgame content.
  • Gain access to additional mobility options in Endgame.
  • Use the new mobility to position yourself and talk to the ghost NPC directly.

This workaround allows bypassing the missing ship geometry and completing the quest.

Madness of the King quest tips

There should be upright open boxes in the graveyard, with 4 of them total. Interact with the phone box object in the far-left corner of the graveyard area to progress the quest.

Where to find the park in Upper Ferropolis

Go up the stairs in Ferropolis square, then make a hard U-turn and go straight forward between two buildings into a snowy section with the airship port. The objective you need to interact with should be in that area.

Damn Fine Tea tip

You can’t find Ignavius? After Vela leaves, he moves into the Fortress along with the rest of the Inquisition crew.

How to get the gun sword

  • Complete Oleg’s “Missing Persons” quest line to get a key.
  • Acquire an Airship (available for purchase during the Vela Callose main quest).

Void Ore

  • Obtain Void Ore from the God Skeleton on the Island with the giant wooden robot (requires the God War Key from the tower near the big open cave on the same island).
  • Get the God War Medal from the wooden mecha control room and give it to the retired engineer in Hallow Town (near the lift) for another Void Ore.

Clockwork Ore

  • Find Clockwork Ore in the big ship on the desert island (can charm your way through servitor doors).
  • Completing “Missing Persons” quest gives you a key to open a box on the small island off the coast of Clockwork Kingdom for another Clockwork Ore.

In the crafting options, you can choose to upgrade your weapon to the Gun Sword using the Void Ore and Clockwork Ore.

Where to find a bow

You can found one in a tower on a small island East of Hallow Town (just beyond the farm that’s being raided). You can also buy one in Sepulcre, the town in the Realm of the Endless (although you’ll need a second passport to get there).

How to unlock teleport points

 It’s actually closer to Pywll Village. Go up to the elevator near the bridge; head slightly right and you’ll find a locked door; unlock it, loot the chest, and go through the tunnel behind it, the mage camp is right there. One recommendation letter is enough.

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