Fabledom – Coal Mining Tips

Tips for Coal Mining

Coal production is crucial, especially in the early game when winter can tank your town’s happiness and make it difficult to recruit new residents. Even later on, coal is needed not just for heating but also for iron production.

Happiness Goals

  • Aim to keep happiness above 90% for 140% maximum effectiveness on Cruel difficulty.
  • Letting it drop for part of the year may still work, but high happiness is ideal.

Coal Burner Ratios

  • Have around 1 coal burner for every 30-40 residents.
  • The ratio depends on how efficient your log to coal production chain is.

Production Setup

  • Separate plank and coal production areas to avoid resource competition.
  • Each lumberyard can efficiently supply 2 coal burners.

For 300 residents, have a coal area with:

  • 4 lumberyards adjacent to 8-10 coal burners.
  • 2 log stockpiles between lumberyards and burners.

For planks, have an area with:

  • 3-4 lumberyards next to 3 sawmills.
  • 1 log stockpile between yards and mills.

By setting up separate, optimized production chains for coal and planks, you can ramp up expansion efficiently while keeping your town warm and productive through the winters.

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