Dream Of Mirror Online – How to Link Steam with Suba Account


  1. Start DOMO from the games library in Steam.
  2. Select a server and a pop up message should appear.
  3. Click that message for the steam overlay to open.
  4. There should be a message asking us to:
    A) log in with an existing suba account, or…
    B) create a suba account.
  5. Select an option and follow the instructions ~

If the message in step 2 doesn’t automatically appear:

Sometimes opening the steam overlay after selecting the server will prompt it to show up. There was a lot of people having issues with this when the game was first added to steam. It may require a few tries/steam restarts to get it…

If the steam overlay needs to be enabled, there’s an option to do so from the game’s settings inside the steam library.

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