Drug Dealer Simulator 2 – Beginners Guide (Basics, Easy Start + Tips)

Guide for New Players

Co-operation of Dealers

Co-op sessions support the maximum number of 3 players for the session (host + 2 additional players). You can invite up to two additional players to your session.

When starting or continuing a game, mark the “Allow joining” checkbox to make sure that your session will allow inviting players.

You can invite your Steam friends in the character selection menu by clicking the “Invite”. You can also invite your friends at any moment during the gameplay by pausing the game and clicking “Invite” next to their nickname.

If you want to switch from solo gameplay to co-op, you need to save your progress in the game and go back to the main menu. Then, click “Continue” and mark the checkbox “Allow joining” on the save that you would like to load. After loading the game, will be able to invite friends at any moment.

Basic Dealer Activities


As a dealer, you can run, parkour over obstacles, ride boats, use fast travel at bus stops and cars, and interact with various environment elements and characters.


Your goal is to develop a cartel by setting up hideouts and labs inside them, hiring technicians, dealers & distributors, and expanding to new islands.


Soon you’ll have your own dealers and distributors to handle contacts with the regulars.

Drug Production


To produce a drug, you need to have the right tools in your hideout. To see what you need to make a particular drug go to the “Production chains” tab in the Journal.


Place workstations in your hideouts to assign employees to specific roles – dealers, distributors.


Crafters are objects that you use for drug production. You can buy better versions of crafters that work more effectively. You can also improve them.

Producing Marijuana: Step by Step

  1. Buy indica seeds from the weed store as well as a supply of fertilizer and water (these can be found in multiple stores throughout the map).
  2. Using the Laboratory tray unpack fertilizer and water into the substance storage by dragging these items into the unpacking area.
  3. Put the indica seeds into the handy space.
  4. Now that all ingredients are prepared, interact with the growbox and craft “Indica plant”.
  5. When growing phase is finished, take the indica plant from the growbox’s output space and put it in the handy space.
  6. Interact with the hybrid dryer and craft “Cannabis Indica” to dry recently crafted marijuana.
  7. When drying phase is done, you can interact with the Laboratory tray to package it the way you want to.

Drug Distribution


Find customers by exploring Isla Sombra. They will wave at you to get your attention. A client can turn into a regular, becoming a stable source of income.

Find customers in new territories to increase demand for a particular drug.

Day and night

Customers contact you only during the day, sell during the day, and plan and produce during the night.

Also, at night, warehouses become available for burglary. You can rob them with the right tools.


Hire and set up dealers to let them handle returning customers.

To turn an employee into a dealer, place him in the dealer’s cabinet at the hideout of your choice.

Assign customers to the dealer and set him up in any dealer spot in a region with a locker.

To give a dealer product to distribute, leave the drugs in any dead drop in the same region.

Collect the money from the dealer. Remember that he will keep his share.


Hire and set up distributors to let them handle dealers and drugs distribution.

To promote your employee to a distributor, place him in a distributor’s desk in a hideout of your choosing. Visit him from time to time to collect the sales money and stock him up with more drugs. Distributor, just like dealer, will keep his share of the money.

Law Enforcement on Isla Sombra

Getting busted

Being defeated by the police results in loss of drugs and weapons, and sends you to the nearest police station.

Suspicion status

Performing illegal activities increases your suspicion status. You can become a suspect, a person of interest, or a wanted criminal. High suspicion status increases the chance of a DEA raid on one of your hideouts.

Work camp

If you are caught by the DEA, you’ll end up in the Work Camp. To get out, collect good behavior cards by doing various chores such as washing clothes or baking bread.

There are also potential customers in the camp.

If you manage to smuggle drugs into the camp, you will be able to serve them.

How to Start

Note: Read a more detailed guide on how to successfully start the game.

  1. Deliver the package to Marcus

Enjoy your boat ride to the island and visit Helen, the store owner. Get a package from her.

Go to the bunker and talk to Marcus to give him the package.

  1. Make your first sales

Approach the lab tray to portion and package marijuana into sizes requested by your clients. Find them on the minimap and sell the product.

  1. Grow weed

Go to the neighbouring island and buy fertilizer.

Get back to the hideout and unpack the fertilizer using the lab tray. Then use the growbox and grow more marijuana.

Now approach the dryer and use the plant you grew to produce cannabis indica. It’s take a while, so…

  1. Visit llanzo

Talk to Marcus. He’ll tell you to see Llanzo about expanding your operation. Marcus will also give you some gems to sell to Helen at the store.

Before you go, change clothes using the wardrobe upstairs. Different clothes give you different buffs!

Visit Llanzo’s office at the other island and talk to him. He’ll explain how business works in this part of the world, and give you a spare room to use.

Top 10 Quick Tips

  • Hide your most precious items to the secret slots in your inventory. This way they’ll be more likely to get confiscated during a search.
  • If you’re looking for a spot to place your dealer in, look for a hanging pair of shoes.
  • Use bars and restaurants to set up business meetings with influencers. Interact with local influencers to promote your business and gain reputation.
  • Create a drug offer with the local influencer to gain more returning clients and increase reputation.
  • At night, look for bonfires. Many potential clients will gather around them.
  • When checking out a hideout, don’t forget to make sure if it has access to running water and is connected to a telephone line.
  • Remember to have some money in the bank at all times. It’ll be automatically used to pay for influencers, employees, and hideouts.
  • Buy stuff where it costs less. A high regional reputation will give you discounts in local stores.
  • Consider working on your street cred. Some stores will unlock only after reaching a certain level of it.
  • If you want to check your local reputation level, build a boss desk in your hideout or see the local influencer.
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