Drug Dealer Simulator 2 – Gameplay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Dealer is placed on spot, has drugs but not producing money.

If you have any pending orders from the clients you assigned to him, you first need to deny/fulfill those orders.

How to get more Dealers?

Try talking to influencers about dealers in meetings or check out notice boards all around the map.

Why does my influencer not give me money anymore like in the Demo?

Influencers giving money was removed since it did not make any sense at all. Now they just create demand for the drug you gave them in the respective island they are assigned to.

Where do I find Soda for cookies?

You can find it all around the map, including General Stores in: Callejon, Jungle.

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Says I need level 0 street cred to talk to some people

There is currently a bug where you start off with -1 street cred. Go fight a thug and your street cred will go back to 0.

I gave dealer drugs, placed him on a spot, and he is still red?

The dealer might be running low on drugs or needs a different type of drug depending on the island’s demand (weed, amp, meth, cocaine, opium, etc.)

How do I get my money to go into my wealth?

You need to deposit money into a Pawn Shop. To do this, go to any Pawn Shop marked on the map (Green are the ones I found for now) and just drag the money into the rack.

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How to use Dead Drops?

First, go to a dead drop location marked on the map and press the middle mouse button. Open the dead drop, place your dope inside, and click on the dealer you want to give the dope to. Make sure both the dead drop and the dealer are on the same island.

How to get better lab equipment (Spoiler!)

Do the storyline until you get to slavs bay and do the quest for handy man.

How to unlock X?

Most things like distributors and other drugs are unlocked by following the storyline.

Drug mixing / cutting!

This is a mid-late game mechanic. Buy a kitchen mixer or magnetic stirrer to start creating custom mixes, it can be found at higher tier equipment stores.

Why can’t I make Amp?

You need to buy a pot and then add it to the stove. Also, check to ensure you have the correct ingredients. Potasssium can’t be bought, only extracted lateer. Use another reciipe early on.


Either buy from Marcus, Extract or steal from a warehouse. The last two can only be done later on.

How to wear jewelry (Watches, Chains, Etc)?

Drag it into the jewelry slot.

Cant interact with Moonshiner

Find the pawn shop nearby and ask the NPC for more info regarding the moonshiner, then you can interact with him.

How to use to flower pot?

You need a rack to plant it.

How to produce water?

While producing AMP you can extract vinegar which is giving you water as byproduct.

Hideouts Map

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Helpful Tips

Influencers 101

  • Influencers raise demand for the drug you give them. You will not receive clients for certain drugs until you introduce them to it.
  • You can view the current demand for each drug via interacting with the NPC or using a boss desk.
  • There is a influencer is each major area, they each control the sales in their respective area.
  • Influencers take a agreed upon percentage of all your sales in their area, this is taken directly from your wealth.
  • Higher reputation level for each influencer can unlock new missions.
  • You can schedule a meeting with a influencer to negotiate a lower cut for them, you want to do this after leveling it up.

Employees 101

  • You gain new employees by attending meetings with leveled up influencers, you can also gain them from notice boards.
  • Employees can be placed on dealer cabinets, Lab technician desks, and distributor desks.

Distributor Desk 101

  • Distributes drugs to all of the assigned dealers clients.
  • Receives all the earnings from each assigned dealer
  • Requires a employee to use.
  • The dealers you want to assign must be placed in a unspecified radius around the distributor, play around with it and youll get a idea of how far is to far.
  • Takes product directly from the substance storage of the hideout it was placed in.
  • Drugs are taken on a per client order basis, it will not show your dealers as stocked up.

Lab Technician Desk 101

  • Doubles the crafting query stack limit in the hideout its placed in, this applies to all crafting inside the hideout.
  • Requires a employee to use.
  • Costs 30K a day to function.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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