Eden Eternal – Beginners Guide

Eden Eternal, also known as Finding Neverland Online (FNO), is a MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment.



  • Human
  • Zumi (rat)
  • Ursun (bear)
  • Anuran (frog)
  • Halfkin (chibi)

Racial Crafting

  1. Humans can craft gems that can be socketed in armor/weapons (gemcrafting)
  2. Zumis can craft upgraded safety stones/mounts/Zumi-only gadgets (similar to WoW engineering gadgets)
  3. Ursuns can craft enhancing class glyphs which improve class skills/abilities for 14 days
  4. Anurans can craft potions (alchemy)
  5. Halfkins can craft trophy enhancements (enchanting)


Class UI

License Knowledge (Talents)

Class Info

Starting Classes

  • Warrior
  • Thief
  • Hunter
  • Cleric
  • Magician
  • Luminary (Available by 75 cap)

You can play all the classes in this game with one character. Beyond the starting classes, you can become a Knight, Templar, Dragon Knight (Dragoon), Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Samurai, Engineer (Ironman), Ranger, Inquisitor (Gunblade), Bard, Shaman, Sage, Illusionist, and Warlock. Most classes will require you to level a class within or outside the class tree to unlock it. As the game progresses, you can unlock awakening sub-classes for all these classes.

Regular skills carry to any class within that tree. Class skills are only specific to the class.

For example, Regular Skills from Cleric will carry over to Bard/Shaman/Sage while Cleric Class Skills will not carry to Bard.

There is a benefit to leveling all the classes as they will provide extra stats such as P-ATK/M-ATK damage increase, max HP, G-Healing/P-Healing, etc. You can find more information on this by checking the Class Ability Bonus tab.

Certain races excel in some classes due to their racial abilities and passives.


  • Anuran Bard can play their songs 2 seconds longer than other races and can cast a healing aura around them as their racial ability.
  • Zumi Templar deals more damage with a 1H Mace and possesses a HP regen shield as their racial ability.
  • Human Clerics take less M-DMG (magic damage) and can break combat status (very useful in PvP and PvE) via their racial ability to revive their allies.
  • Human Warriors perform better with 2H Axe versus other races using different weapons.

Character Info Sheet

For more information on what the stats on the character sheet mean, please refer to this page.

Game UI

Everything can be moved around on the UI. The numbers below the character portrait are gear swap buttons.

Dungeons & Trials

There are dungeons and trials that you can undertake with your friends or guild members.

  • Dungeons have two modes: Solo (2 entries) & Party (10 entries, up to 5 players).
    • Entries reset daily. 
  • Trials (raids) can be done with 5, 8, or 10 players with 3 entries.
  • There exists a 25 man raid. This exists when we reach post-Level 75 cap content.
    • 25 Man Raid video
    • From 25 man raid, you can get a dragon mount. It had a very low drop rate.

Also, post-75 content, there are two open-world dungeons (Devastation Dimension) that players will frequent for later level grinding (grind mobs to level from 75 to 85). From 85 to 100, players will grind in the second open-world dungeon called “The Battle of Time and Space” (BTS for short).

In terms of loot, dungeons and trials drop the usual loot (gear, weapons, rare drops) and trophies.

Trophies are similar to trinkets from WoW. They have unique stats and passive abilities to enhance your character or damage.

Outside of dungeons and trials, there is achievement hunting which has its own rewards via the Rankings. You can earn Eden Crystals, Corona Heartflame, and specific Safety Stones if you are in the top 10 while 11-20 get Eden Crystals.

Additional Trial Info

Just to clarify for those interested in how many trials there are for the endgame:

  • Level 50 – 2 5-mans & 2 8-mans
  • Level 55 – 2 5-mans & 2 8-mans
  • Level 60 – 2 5-mans & 3 8-mans
  • Level 65 – 2 5-mans & 2 8-mans
  • Level 70 – 2 8-mans & 2 10-mans
  • Level 70-S – 6 5-mans & 7 8-mans
  • Level 75 – 2 8-mans & 2 10-mans
  • Level 80 – 4 10-mans
  • Level 85 – 2 5-mans
  • Level 100 – 2 5-mans & 2 10-mans

There are world bosses as well. Like dungeon bosses, they come with a mechanic or two to deal with. Every time you slay a world boss, your quote that you set up in Character Info will be broadcasted to the entire server. Killing world bosses is required for achievement hunting for the rankings.


You can have a guild. Initially, there is a member cap of 50. As you level up the guild, you can have more than 50 in your guild. Guilds can also own a town and can tax players from using their crafting stations.

Note: Your guild must be Level 4 in order to gain points in Territory War.

  • Level 1 – 50 members
  • Level 2 – 75 members
  • Level 3 – 100 members
  • Level 4 – 125 members
  • Level 5 – 150 members
  • Level 6 – 175 members
  • Level 7 – 200 members
  • Level 8 – 225 members
  • Level 9 – 250 members
  • Level 10 – 275 members
  • Level 11 – 300 members
  • Level 12 – 350 members

Level Cap

The level cap is both Character Level 100 & Class Level 100. It has been the same level cap in Taiwan for several years now.

It is likely that we may either start Level 50 or 60 at release. There was a source that said that we will begin at Level 60. The website also points out Level 55~57 areas, hinting that we will begin at Level 60.

Couple System

As the title states, you can couple with another player in this game and receive buffs. All of these buffs are beneficial in both PvE and PvP. When you are coupled, you both get a 10% EXP & CP bonus if you are near each other. There are tasks that you can do each day to gain Luv Coins. Luv Coins are needed to buy items from the Love NPC.

Path of Destiny

It’s a board game that you can do each day for buffs, random stuff, and EXP + CP. You get mobility points by defeating enough mobs to gain a dice roll.

Gameplay Tips

PvE Tips

  • Choose a race that fits your objectives for the game.
  • Join a guild. Whether you PvP or not, you want to reap the bonuses for being in one.
  • You should do the books (buy from General Merchants) for every leveling zone as they will be required for Awaken Armor and Weapon quests.
  • You should keep all materials (i.e. Thoughts, Wills, Intents, Energies) you get for Aven Fame. Like the previous bullet, you will need it for Awaken Armor & Weapon quests.
  • Earn regional fame via quests in the leveling zone to buy accessories/trophies. Some of them are BiS.
  • Get into crafting as some of the crafted accessories/gear sets are also great for PvE/PvP.
  • If you have friends/guild, run the party versions of the dungeons for EXP.
  • If you are solo, do rep quests in your zone / pick up guild quests to do with rep quests for EXP. Try to do your solo runs for the dungeon closest to your level each day.

PvP Tips

  • Practice shield-swapping to defend yourself from players. You can put a shield on your hotbar. Make sure your primary weapon is on the hotbar when you want to swap back.
  • Animation cancel and slidecast your abilities.
  • Weapon-swapping is a core mechanic to EE PvP. Some weapons proc passive buffs whenever you cast or jump around.
  • Take advantage of your racial skills.
  • Always have a Bard in your party. Bards provide buffs and anti-sleep against Illusionists.
  • Always have an Illusionist in your party. Illusionists provide mana regen and attack/cast speed buffs. They can also knockdown & sleep enemies (12s without passive buff, 14s with passive buff).
  • Always have a Sage in your party. Sages provide buffs and anti-fear. (This class is not available until we get to Level 75+ content)


There are several game modes for PvP such as Territory Wars, Guild Elimination (GvG), Elysian Island (open world PvP map), 1v1 Class Arena, 3v3 Arena, Monster Battle Arena (3v3 as boss monsters from dungeons), and 10v10 Arena.

Unlike in other MMOs where you can hop into PvP at any time, all arenas are only open at specific time frames throughout the day.

Through PvP, you can earn Honor Stars which can be used to buy PvP armor/weapon blueprints from the Arena vendor. You will need Honor Stars for Awaken Armor & Weapon quests.

Gearing for PvP

Since it will be a fresh server, you won’t be able to swipe for your gear right off the bat. The amount of time it takes to gear up will be dependent on how quick the guilds level up their towns for you/crafter to make the gear. It will also be dependent on the merchants as well. Until then, you need to do PvE (dungeons & trials) to get some of the best gear for your class(es).

Alternatively, you could PvP to earn Honor Stars to buy the PvP accessories, armors, and weapons. Keep in mind that certain armor sets’ effects only apply to the arenas. You also cannot buy the blueprints from other players.


Territory Wars

In Territory War, the objective is to claim the crystals and kill players to earn points. If you ever die in the battlefield, you can respawn and come right back into the battle. At random, your guild will be fighting with and against other guilds to claim the territory.

The guild with the most points wins the territory. They earn War Chests and more War Chests based on their performance (kills). A guild can own only three territories a week. They can earn gold (around 200g ~ 300g) as well. If they already have three, it goes to the next guild with the most points.

Starkgem Battlefield (above) has no special map mechanics.

PvP Video

Starkgem Battlefield (Level 60 Cap)

Flurry Gem Battlefield has a special mechanic (i.e. totem) that allows a player to transform into a Yeti that can single & AOE one-shot. You become tanky but can be killed by other players. It can turn the battle around greatly if you do not know the totem spawn times and totem spawn spots.

Crystal Island Battlefield has a special mechanic. If you kill the PvE boss at the center, it will spawn a lunar whale that can one-shot anyone and can destroy a claimed crystal. If a claimed crystal is destroyed, it can be retaken by other guilds. Players can lure the whales away by aggroing them. Players can also reset the center PvE boss to prevent whales from spawning.

Please note that the times for territory wars will be different in the relaunch of the game. 

Guild Elimination (50v50)

Guild Elimination, GvG for short, is done in a tournament bracket format. Eight guilds that have accumulated the highest guild fame at the end of the week are qualified into the GvG pool. On Saturday and Sunday, guilds will go up against each other to move onto the next bracket. The winning guild gets a golden crown above their heads while the losing guild in the final bracket gets a silver crown. And also, the losing guild before silver crown gets a bronze crown.

PvP Videos:

Golden Crown Buff

Silver Crown Buff

Bronze Crown Buff

In Guild Elimination, the objective is similar to Territory War. You claim crystals and also kill players to increase points. There are PvE mobs that you must kill too. If PvE mobs destroy a claimed crystal, then it will cause the claimed crystal to be reclaimable. Should the timer run out, the guild with the most points is declared the winner. At the end of the battle, you will be able to see a leaderboard of kill counts done in that match.

Please note that the times for guild elimination will be different in the relaunch of the game. 


Note: All of the arenas have rankings. They all reset every month.

1v1 Class Arena

3v3 Arena

Flame Eagle Arena (3v3) has level brackets and rankings for it: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79.

Most often, you will run into arena alts doing it for the rankings to get Honor Star bundles. If you can maintain your rank for a month, you will get rewarded if you are in the Top 20.

Monster Battle Arena (MOBA)

10v10 Arena

Elysian Island (Instanced Open World PvP)

It is a PvPvE map that is open for two hours. You can raise guild fame through this battleground. You can also earn great rewards like Honor Stars, Gear EXP stones, Eden Crystals, Safety Stones, and more.

Priority Checklist for Release

Cash Shop Purchases

  • Buy backpack bags
  • Auric Jewels (7 Days) & Iris Jewels (1 Day) [Increases EXP + CP Gains]
  • EXP & CP Charms
  • Portal Stones (if you dislike traveling from quest to quest, better for larger zones)

Guild Checklist

  • Assign crafters in your group or guild. Funnel all materials to your crafters.
  • Level the guild up via Guild Quests.
    • Your guild must be Level 4 in order to gain points in Territory War.
      • After Level 3 Guild, gold is required to level the guild and you’ll need to save up funds for a Guild Town.
        • For towns: Eden Glen (Forest) OR Eden Peak (Desert/Mountain)

Leveling Guide (1-60)

This method is not recommended if this is your first time as you will miss out on fame and stat meteors from quest chains. It is recommended to do this method when you are leveling an alt in duo or trio groups or if you despise questing + plan to swipe later on.

  • 1-8: Starter Zone Quests
  • 9-11: Angor Quarry (Solo) for Quest, Angor Quarry (Party) with group
  • 11-19: Fort Verdure (Party)
  • 19-20: Shale Cavern (Party)
  • 20-25: Eroda (Party)
  • 25-27: Morticora (Party)
  • 27-35: Vileshark HQ (Party)
  • 35-43: Ulta Hall (Party)
  • 43-55: Veninfang (Party)
  • 55-60: Century (Party)

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