SpaceBourne 2 – How to Hack Terminals Easy

This is a guide on how to hack terminals in a few simple steps.

Easy Hacking Guide


The purpose of this guide is to explain how to simply hack a terminal and download whatever document you might need.

The Process

  • First, press F to interact with a terminal.
  • A window will pop out. Type Help to see a list of commands.
  • Next up, we want to login as an administrator. In order to do so, you need a login and a password. Type ViewLogs.
  • When you found the admins Login, type ForcePassword(Admin Username) to find out it’s password.
  • Once you know both, type Login(Username Password).
  • Congratulations! You’re in the system, type ViewDocuments (self-explanatory).
  • Look for a document that reads somethig like
  • Download it by typing Download(
  • Success! Now, you can close the window by clicking Exit.


  1. As an older sys admin, a semi functional bash terminal would have been super cool. Great guide, took me a few tries to nail it, mostly because of command and filename formatting 🙂 autocomplete with TAB could also have been quite helpful! 🙂

  2. Where do you find these Terminals to hack? So far, I’ve only found one during the main storyline mission.

  3. Located

    “Invalid Command!”

    So, nope..

    • Fixed… if the “” (as for example is listed twice…
      EXIT and go again (from ViewLogs, there is a new Admin.. o.O )

  4. I had a side mission from a indipendant have me do one, the quest giver is in the same mission as where you meet/find “The Big Lady” they have a purple exclamation mark over their head

  5. Yeah, I found this minigame to be surprisingly deep and it was really cool to do. Unfortunately, even when I did it right I think it kinda bugged out my mission so I couldn’t complete it, hopefully they improve the Asset mission system. Thanks for the guide, it was really helpful!

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