EdgeLords – Controller Setup Guide

This guide will allow you to configure a controller to play Edgelords with.

Guide to Controller Setup


Edgelords doesn’t require much to play the game in terms of it’s controls. All you will need is a left click, right click, and the usual mouse movements. You may change those settings as you see fit for your controller, however the settings that I will provide are what I have set up for the purposes of this guide.

How to Setup

You will need to plug in a controller of course. In the game library, this window should appear on the middle right of your page underneath the achievement box.

Click “View Controller Settings” and this window should pop up:

Go to “Edit Layout” and then this window should pop up: (The button options should be selected first, if it doesn’t open first, select the buttons option from the left side).

To change the buttons, select whatever command the button is set as open up this menu:

If it’s not open at the mouse option, click the “mouse” option from the top selection of input devices. You may set the controller up to whatever command you wish, however for this guide I set left click to the A button and right click to the B button. (I’m using an Xbox Controller, so your buttons will appear different if you are using a different branded controller).

As soon as you select a box for the corresponding action, you will return to the prior menu. Go to the “Joysticks” tab on the left side of the screen to open this up:

Change the right and/or left joystick behavior to “Joystick Mouse” from the drop down box. This will allow you to move the joysticks as if it were a mouse. Afterwards, you can exit the settings box and open up the game to test it out.

This is for a “two hand” build, however if you have a skilled enough hand, you can configure a “one hand” build if you wanted.

Written by Snek

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