Moonstone Island – How to Make Money

So some easy ways to make money. Spoilers beyond, like anyone cares if your trying to figure out how to make money, you probably finished most mainstream quests.

Definitive Making Money Guide

Also most if not all of these are very self explanatory but sometimes folks overlook simple in your face answers. Also were gamers, most of us go full loot goblin if we dont know if/when/why we would need something so never sell anything until we realize either how much were gonna get of it or how little usage its gonna get.

Early Game

  1. Aim for making your spirit barn ASAP then shoving in some poor hapless creatures to produce things until the day you delete the save file. Yes you need to feed them fiber daily but even the worst seller (besides eggs, why they sell so low?) is Clay. 1 Clay is 50g in your bin or 75g at Zed. Might not seem like a whole lot but it can stack up quickly and as im not a huge decoration person, I barely use any clay or items pooped from the spirit creatures and can sell stacks at a time.
  2. Bolt plant. It doesnt require a replanted seed and sells well compared to other Spring time seeds

Mid Game

  • Hasnt changed at all. Your largest production areas are your farm (and greenhouse if you got one now) and Spirit Barn. Hopefully by now you have gathered a decent little hodge podge of earth and other elemental creatures.
  • Also you can sell Alchemy potions (concoctions) for 300g each no matter the materials used, so using the cheapest materials that do not equal up to 300g (1 glass bottle is 50g, 1 ash is 10g and 2 cat tail is 40g (20ea) so 100g in materials and sell it for 300g? easy money. Do note you can make multiple alchemy tables, so do make several if you can, its not very expensive.

Late Game

  • ….Figured it out yet? Still hasnt changed. By now you are working towards filling the barn space out and every spot with an auto feeder. Heck by now you might have thrown out most of your Earth Spirits for other better producers. You also probably have enough capitol to start buying seeds so you dont waste a harvest. In Summer a Prickly Plant with maxed out +sale price is 104g (Wingfruit as well) and the seeds are only 40g. If you are doing a LARGE farm operation, it might be viable to scythe some seeds, but mines rather small cause im lazy.
  • Now something new has appeared if you have completed the 4 temples and closed the rift. It is called Moonstone Machine. Every day this machine produces 1 moonstone. Takes 3 Moonstone to craft one and each Moonstone sells for 500g. So, you have a new goal. Fill every nook and cranny of your house you dont want to decorate for moonstone production (Time Dilation Potion can help with gathering them all if you go completely insane making them).
  • Just remember something. You do not need plants except for taming, healing and stamina regen. Any and all other plants are sellable until you meet your monetary requirements. There are quests that require you to make some potions with particular stats but its not timed. So, keep some seeds for each plant, throw them at the plant shop (forgot its name) and when you find yourself with excess money but needing some seeds, you can just buy the seed from Rowan’s shop.
  • Also note that you can pick up every chest you come across! The blue ones at ends of Dungeons (and a few other places) are called Boss Chest and sell for 300g and even the basic one you can make sells for 50g. Dont waste materials making chests outside of like the first one when you can just pick up every single one you run across.

Hope it helps someone, again most of if not all are pretty straight forward. Oh and I would not, repeat NOT, sell your ores or bars. They are one of the few limited materials in the game as mines do not reset or repopulate so once its mined out, its done for. You can buy rocks, tree saplings and grass to place to harvest for more of those materials (kinda silly, just sell me the materials, cut out the middle man called placement or in tree case, growing time AND placement).

Oh another thing is to try and use Abundance potions for mining and logging operations. Just say “I need lots of lumber, so tomorrow everything else can be ignored.” pop the potion once you get outta bed then head to the nearest place with standing trees. I took the time to repopulate some of my islands for future deforestation operations >_> Oh and trees on Fire Islands give Ash as well when logged.

Written by Surreal

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