El Paso, Elsewhere – Faithful Listener Achievement Guide (Pill Cop)

If you are trying to get the Faithful Listener achievement, this guide should expedite the process. It contains the chapters the Pill Cop radios appear in as well as pictures to further help the reader.

How to Obtain Faithful Listener Achievement

1 – Chapter 2: Purgatorio

This one should be very easy to spot, as you progress down the first set of hallways in chapter 2, you will see an open door on the right. Enter it and find your first Pill Cop episode.

2 – Chapter 6: Private Life

The next Pill Cop episode is found in chapter 6 very close to the elevator. The radio is found in the green room shown below.

Here’s the radio inside the green room.

3 – Chapter 20: Rightside Down

This episode of Pill Cop is slightly more elusive. In chapter 20, you will find a room that looks similar to the image below.

Destroy the wardrobe next to the vertical caskets to reveal a hallway.

Traverse the hallway to find the next Pill Cop episode.

4 – Chapter 32: Vesper

In chapter 32 you will come across a memorable location including a bright foggy ceiling along with three shelves seperated by columns on the wall. The Pill Cop radio is on the right-most shelf.

5 – Chapter 39: Ground Teeth

Lookout for this scene in the picture below. The Pill Cop radio is hidden behind a false wall that has an out-of-place painting floating off of it.

All you need to do to reveal the Pill Cop radio is stand near the painting and the wall will dissipate.

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