Moonring – A Landmark When You’re Lost

When you suddenly find yourself losing your goal.

Tips to Not to Get Lost

…a Poem, If You Would…

“… for I do not care for those who’ve already able to throw their rocks from coast to coast.

Thus i cast my stone so other may step on it and cast further than I.”

The Gods and Their Respective Towns

The Great Forest Wolf

  • Home: Wintersholl to the East
  • The town has good weapons, filled with forest campers

Death’s Harlequin

  • Home: Harrow-Dus to the South-East
  • Life is but a joke in the eye of inevitable Death, so their town is filled with clowns and Criminals.

The Lords of Dust

  • Home: Barrow-Linn to the South-West
  • Just take a ferry from Moon-upon-thoss and you’ll get there easily. old tech nerds. The priest may teach you about fast-travel, you better listen carefully.

Our Lady of The Sanguine Moon

  • Home: The Red Grove to the North West
  • The priest is a bit of a stuck-up, it’s useless to find any ferry services here. filled with witch vampires

The Blind Angels

  • Home: Hearthaven to the North
  • Apparently has fertile soil, bought some fruit, it spoils in the journey back…. other than that i dont have much to say about them yet.

What I Could Recall…

  1. When you’ve learnt how to walk and bump with (WASD) or clicking, There’s an abandoned shed downward right infront of your house, maybe a fitting place for baby’s first dungeon crawl?
  2. Don’t be shy asking around about the , you’re just a farmer’s child, you’ve done nothing wrong, nor would the priests fault you for it.

…The plot should be strong enough to carry your progress into….

  1. You need a boat, but dont want to grind 100k for the license? the description on the license being sold should’ve gave you a hint about how to get it another way… once you’ve decided the general area you might “find” it (there might be a clue in this guide), maybe thinking about “why it has not been claimed yet?” would help.
  2. You claim your right to your boat by stepping on it in the overworld, not from inside Moon-upon-Thoss.
  3. When you use the Roche’s Bell. If it rings and you sense a presense nearby, just keep exploring the area while ringing the bell. you’re close enough to the spot where you need to ring it. Otherwise it’ll stay silent, Nevin might know / remind you.
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