ELDEN RING – Guide to Easy Malformed Star Kill In Uhl Palace Ruins

Trying to get recipe books from the merchant that’s tucked away, underneath that big, grey bug-lookin’ thing? Here’s a neat little trick to take it down with a great bow and avoid the meteor shower spell. Those clay soldiers were the motivation for this cheese spot. I hated dealing with them while hiding from the meteor spell.

Easy Malformed Star Kill In Uhl Palace Ruins

Where to Go and What to Bring

We are starting from the Ainsel River Downstream site of grace. Simply backtrack to the sniping spot. Bring your great bow of choice, and the arrows reach/sting talisman. Radahn’s spears do very well, but I was stuck with great arrows.

Proper positioning is to line up the malformed star on the right side of the column. Equip your great bow and look all the way up towards the target. Back up while aiming so that your crosshair will be just above the rocks and aiming center of mass.

Kill It!

Quickly fire two arrows! The second arrow is a guaranteed critical hit because the malformed star will reposition to cast his spell. Keep aiming up at him; you can move forward to hide behind the rocks, and back up again to the same firing spot. It’s very easy!

Bingo! Congrats!

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