ELDEN RING – Strength Build Guide

I recommend a str or quality build for demonstration purposes this will be a str build.

Definitive Guide to Strength Build


If you are new to the game just level up vig more than end I personally stay at 40-45 vig for extra challenge and use the crimson amber medallion +2 to have 1,900 health (60 vig)

The Build

Here is a build idea for a str build

  1. First select the confessor class select the lands between rune for 3k runes and get a additional 3.2k runes level up I recommend 10 vig, 13 mind, 10 end, 13 str, 13 dex, 15 faith, and 12 arc for rotten breath for easy access for lion’s claw.
  2. Get the flail and head to Limgrave tunnels make sure to get 12 smiting stone 1’s.
  3. Get as many golden seeds and sacred tears that you can sparta kick Kenneth Haight of the bridge and loot the graveyard for the sleep pot recipe.
  4. Head to Fort Haight for the Left Dectus medallion.
  5. Head to Caelid for the wondrous physik and sacred tear and then head into Caelid to fort gael hit the grace first and get flame grant me strength come back later when you have rotten breath.
  6. Head to fort faroth get the right Dectus medallion, gold rune 12, and radagon’s soreseal get a gold pickled fowl foot then kill Greyoll allocate your flasks to mana flasks and put the str tear and dex tear in your physik the str tear is in Limgrave near Stormveil shack and the dex tear is in liurnia found near the scenic isle get the golden vow ash of war found above the deathtouched catacombs southwest.
  7. Buff up and kill Greyoll pop the gold fowl foot for 90ishk runes level up I recommend 12 vig, 13 mind, 12 end, and 26 str.
  8. For str weapons I recommend the Greatsword aka the dragonslayer or giant crusher do take note the giant crusher requires 40 str to two hand it.
  9. Next head to the dragon communion church in Caelid and get the rotten breath incantation then fast travel to Fort Faroth to get lion’s claw make sure to have enough mana flasks just in case the lion wants to dodge rotten breath and then get the starscarge tailsman.
  10. Then head to redmane castle and rune farm and level up then head to the abandoned cave apply lion’s claw to your weapon of choice level it up to +3 buff up at the boss fog door it is two cleanrot knights you can still clap them easy with lion’s claw even after the poise damage nerf to colossal weapons.
  11. Head to Lenne’s rise loot the graveyard and hit the grace then rest until night if you have a extra gold pickled fowl foot 1 can be found near the first step grace and a other one in the sealed tunnel and a smithing stone bell bearing 2 cheese the knight’s calvary pop a gold pickled fowl foot and hot swap to the golden scarab talisman man for 60ishk runes level up if you hit the raya lucaria crystal tunnel and sealed tunnel level up your weapon of choice to +16 if you are a masochist head to volcano manor and get 7 smithing stone 6’s and 3 near the hermit shack piss of the bear to break the statue this should be enough to level your weapon up to +18 and also 2-3 smithing stone 7’s can be found near the church of plague to level up your weapon.
  12. Head to murkwater cave bully the invader then fight Patches if you want the bull goat armor spare him if not kill him.
  13. Head to Stormveil buff up make sure that you have margit’s shackle then bully Margit and then pop a gold pickled fowl foot and hot swap to the gold scarab and level up and then head to Stormveil castle to get the claw talisman and then head to the sage cave found in Altus for the raptured black feather’s armor then head through Stormveil main gate and kill Gostoc then bully Godrick then do the same thing for extra runes pop his remembrance for 20k runes and level up.
  14. Then hit to Raya Lucaria and clap Rennala then do the same thing for extra runes pop then her remembrance for 20k runes and level up.
  15. Then do white mask varee’s questline and rune farm at the palace approach ledge grace by shooting a bird rinse and repeat until level 100 I recommend 33 vig, 15 mind, 30 end, 40 str, 15 dex or pump the 2 levels into vig, end, str, or faith, and 25 faith.
  16. Then fight Radahn then do the same thing for extra runes pop his remembrance for 40k runes and level up.
  17. Then head back to volcano manor hopefully you activated the bridge then make sure you have enough sleep pots for the godskin noble and bonk his fatass to Mcdonald’s do the same thing for extra runes level up then head to the two stone sword key fog gate then use two of the stone sword keys make your way down there for the dagger talisman if you rely on staggers and then royal knights resolve.
  18. Then get the serpent hunter spear and level it up to at least +6 then do ranni’s questline and get the mimic tear and level it up to +10 and then head to the four belfries picking up the jellyfish shield along the way hit the four belfries site of grace and make sure that you have good enough armor and 2 stone sword keys then get the imbued stone sword key and activate the Crumbling Farum Azula teleporter and wrong warp to the main side of it by selecting the roundtable hold grace and hitting alt f4 at the right time then get somber bell bearing 4, 5, hero’s rune 5, lords rune found near dragon temple lift grace along with a golden seed and gold rune 12, and a ancient somber dragon smithing stone.
    For the godskin duo get enough sleep pots to put to sleep the noble 9 can be found near the albernic village and the right haligtree medallion then do Nephli loux’s quest line for a ancient dragon smithing stone as a other imbued stone sword key can be found in sellia then get revenge on the grafted scion and get the storm hawk spirit ashes. Then head back to Farum summon in recusant Bernal buff up and summon in mimic tear for a easy time then do the same thing for extra runes then level your weapon up to +25 or level up.
  19. Then head to the Swamp of Aeonia bully Commander O’neil get the gold needle then head to Gowry get the needle repaired and then do Millicent’s questline then head to the shaded castle for valkyrie’s prosthesis and give it to Millicent then head to the windmill village summon in Millicent and mimic tear buff up if you are maidenless then kill her for her talisman p.s if you kill her then I will go Big Boggart mode on you and rip you to shreds and go full dung eater mode on your corpse.
  20. Then warp back to volcano manor and bully rykard for rykard I recommend at least the plus 6 serpent hunter or if your wrong warped to farum +9 or 10, claw talisman, and raptor’s black feather’s buff up and summon in mimic tear then trade in his rememberance for blasphemous blade and level it up to +10 it is good for clapping Malenia’s rotussy to the point of her saying harder daddy also make sure to duplicate his remembrance at the bell walking maslum’s as it along with Malenia’s and elden beasts grant’s 50k runes.
  21. Then get all the sacred tears in Altus.
  22. Then bully the draconic tree sentinel summon in Great Horned Tragoth, Millicent, and mimic tear and buff up.
  23. Then bully Goldfrey then do the same thing for extra runes also make sure to bully the Erdtree Avatar for a lords rune.
  24. Then bully Margott margit’s shackle also works on him then do the same thing for extra runes.
  25. Then head to the shunning grounds to get Mogh’s shackle and head back to Moghwyn palace and bully Mogh for being a pedophile or ♥♥♥ if you want to take it to extreme levels of toxicity make sure to put the purifying blood tear in your flask if you are not doing the comet azura cheese.
  26. For late game areas I recommend at least 40-60 vig to avoid being one hit killed.
  27. Then get the smithing stone bell bearing 3 and two sacred tear also be wary of Borealis, the freezing fog and the Rivers of Blood invader make sure to kill the Rivers of Blood invader as it is good for farming four toed fowl feet and with the right build and buffs it can clap Malenia’s rotussy to the point of her saying daddy chill.
  28. Then head to Castle Sol for the right Haligtree Medallion.
  29. Then head to the Consecrated Snowfield to Ordina make sure to get the sentry torch to see the black knife assassin’s and head to the Haligtree I recommend BHS for the area to avoid most of the deadly attacks and a good armor with holy damage negation.
  30. Then bully Loretta then do the same thing for extra runes or level up your other weapon if you are using a secondary weapon.
  31. Then carefully make your way around the mages for a Hero rune 4 found before you fight Loretta make sure to get the shortcut first if you die.
  32. Then finish Millicent’s questline make sure to save her then develop crippling depression p.s if you invade her I will go Hoarah Loux on your ass and break every bone in your body and then defile you even worse than the dung eater.
  33. Then for fire giant I recommend starting Alexander’s questline summon him in and mimic tear and buff up then do the same thing for extra runes and pop his remembrance and level up faith to 27 for lords divine fortification for the final boss.
  34. Then speak to Alexander buff up before the duel and one hit him with the right str requirement and get the shard of alexander talisman.
  35. Then head back to the Haligtree and clap Malenia’s rotussy buff up and summon in Mimic tear then do the same thing for extra runes and pop her remembrance optionally you can summon in the real LMSH to clap her rotussy real good or use the great stars +25 Aow Prelate’s Charge and apply bloodflame blade and the Knight Calvary Halberd AoW black flame tornado as it is good at clapping Malenia’s rotussy to the point of her saying daddy sorry for buffs flame grant me str, golden vow, bloodflame blade, fire tear, godrick’s great rune , and thorny cracked tear for the tailsmans I use fire scorpion charm, lord of blood exaltation, starscourge tailisman, and rotten wing sword insignia I fought her with this build and clapped her rotussy harder than I did on December 1st. For waterfowl dance I recommend using a shield with 100% damage negation AoW barricade shield she can still heal even with 100% damage negation and then roll into the attack at 1 a clock and then 6 a clock for waterfowl up close circle around her make sure to lock on and then roll straight 2 times lock on again move close to her and evade to the left lock on again and move to the right then back lock on again to make sure that you do not move into her. For her second phase run under her and then roll. For her spirit clone attack just run and roll.
  36. For the draconic tree sentinel summon in a friend to destroy him and Maliketh then do the same thing for extra runes and pop his remembrance for the end game I recommend 40 vig, 40 end, 70-80 str, and 27 faith.
  37. Then bully gideon then do the same thing for extra runes level up same thing for Hoarah Loux and pop his remembrance for Radagon buff up make sure to have the axe talisman equipped and the cracked tear for extra charged attack damage along with the jellyfish shield buff and blood boil aromatic buff this shot kill Radagon in 1-2 charged attacks or 3-4 with the giant crusher with royal knight’s resolve with the fire affinity and hot swap to the Dragonslayer and shard of alexander for elden beast reapply any buffs and cast lord’s divine fort. then do the same thing for extra runes and get the sacred relic sword and level it up to +10 and rune farm to 213 for ng+ or not it is up to you.
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