ELDEN RING – Weapon Tier List and Best in Slot Weapons

Weapons Tier List per Category for PVE

Rankings are based on the following categories: damage output both max potential and average output as well as dps and damage per hit (with dps as priority), status effects, utility, ease of use, range and in that order.

Keep in mind that utility and ease of use and gameplay priorities are to a certain extent, subjective. My experiences may not be the same as yours.


  • S Tier: Glintstone kris, Misericorde
  • A Tier: Reduvia, Black Knife, Bloodstained dagger
  • B Tier: Wakizashi, Cinqueda, Erdsteal dagger, Scorpions Stinger
  • C Tier: Great knife
  • D Tier: Dagger, Parrying Dagger, crystal dagger, Blade of calling
  • F Tier: Ivory Sickle, Celebrants sickle

Straight Swords

  • S Tier: Regalia of eochaid, Broadsword
  • A Tier: Longsword, Lordsworn’s, Noble’s, St. Trina’s, Warhawk talon, Rotten crystal sword, Carian knights sword, Sword of Night and Flame
  • B Tier: Short Sword, Lazuli glintstone, Ornamental Straight Sword, Golden Epitaph, Miquellan’s, Coded, Weathered Straight Sword, Cane Sword
  • C Tier: Crystal Sword

Greatswords (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Dark Moon Greatsword, Death’s Poker, Blasphemous Blade, Marai’s Executioner
  • S Tier: Ordovis Greatsword
  • A Tier: Flamberge, Forked Greatsword, Alabaster lord sword
  • B Tier: Iron Greatsword, Claymore, Banished Knight Greatsword, Knights greatsword, Helphens steeple, Gargoyle’s Greatsword, Sacred Relic, Bastard Sword, Lordsworn’s greatsword, Sword of milos
  • C Tier: Inseparable Greatsword
  • D Tier: Gargoyle Black blade, Golden Order Greatsword

Colossal Swords

  • S Tier: Ruins greatsword, Godslayer Greatsword, Greatsword, Malikeths, Grafted Blade Greatsword
  • A Tier: Zweihandler, Royal Greatsword
  • B Tier: Starscourge greatsword
  • C Tier: Watchdog’s greatsword
  • D Tier: Troll’s knight sword, Troll’s Golden Sword

Thrusting Swords (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Antspur rapier
  • S Tier: Cleanrot knight sword, Estoc, Rogier’s Rapier, Frozen needle, Rapier, Noble’s estoc

Heavy Thrusting Swords (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Bloody Helice, Cragblade
  • S Tier: Godskin stitcher, Great Eppe

Curved Swords (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Scavengers, Wing of Astel, Magma Blade, Bandits,
  • S Tier: Beastmans, Grossmesser, Falchion, Shamshir
  • A Tier: Scimitar, Mantis Blade, Serpent god’s, Nox flowing
  • B Tier: Shotel, Flowing curved sword
  • C Tier: Eclipse Shotel

Curved Greatswords (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Bloodhound fang
  • S Tier: Morgott’s cursed sword
  • A Tier: Beastman’s, Omen Cleaver, Dismounter, Magma wyrms
  • B Tier: Monk’s Flameblade,
  • C Tier: Zamor curved sword, Onyx lord greatsword


  • S Tier: Uchi, Moonveil
  • A Tier: Hand of Malenia
  • B Tier: Rivers of Blood, Serpentbone blade, Meteoric Ore Blade
  • C Tier: Dragonscale Blade

Twinblades (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Gargoyle’s, Twinned Knights, Peeler
  • S Tier: Twinblade
  • A Tier: Elenora’s Twinblade
  • B Tier: Gargoyle’s Black blade


  • B Tier: Warped axe, Iron Cleaver
  • C Tier: Forked Hatchet, Jawbone Axe, Stormhawk Axe, Ripple Blade, Highland Axe, Sacrificial Axe, Hand Axe, Battle Axe
  • D Tier: Rosus Axe, Icerind Hatchet, Celebrant’s Cleaver

Greataxes (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Rusted Anchor
  • S Tier: Omenkiller cleaver, Butchering Knife
  • A Tier: Executioner greataxe
  • B Tier: Winged greathorn
  • C Tier: Godricks, Longhaft, Crescent, Greataxe, Gargoyle’s, Gargoyle’s Black Axe


  • A Tier: Stone club, Spiked Club, Morning star
  • B Tier: Warpick, Nox flowing hammer, Hamer, Curved Club
  • C Tier: Scepter of the All Knowing, Ringed Finger, Mace, Club, Monk flame mace
  • D Tier: Marika’s Hammer, Varre’s Bouquet
  • F Tier: Envoy horn


  • A Tier: Bastard Stars
  • B Tier: Family Heads
  • C Tier: Chain Link flail, Nightrider flail, Flail


  • A Tier: Envoy’s Longhorn
  • B Tier: Devourer’s Sceptre, Beastclaw Greathammer, Great stars, Pickaxe, rotten battle hammer
  • C Tier: Brick hammer, Great mace, Battle hammer, Curved great club, Greathorn hammer, Large club, Cranial Vessel Candlestand, Celebrant’s skull

Colossal Weapons

  • S Tier: Fallingstar beast jaw
  • A Tier: Ghiza’s wheel, Giant Crusher, Rotten Greataxe,
  • B Tier: Prelate’s inferno crozier, Staff of the avatar, Great club, watchdog’s staff, rotten staff, duelist greataxe,
  • C Tier: Axe of godfrey, Golem’s halberd, Dragon greatclaw
  • D Tier: Envoy Greathorn

Spears (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Bolt of gransax, Death Ritual Spear, Cross naginatas, Clayman’s
  • S Tier: Spiked spears, Pike, Partisan
  • A Tier: Iron Spear, Spear, Short Spear, rotten crystal spear, crystal spear
  • B Tier: Celebrants ribrake, Torchpole, Inquisitor’s grandiose

Great Spears (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Siluria’s Tree, Mohgyn’s
  • S Tier: Lance
  • A Tier: Treespear
  • B Tier: Vykes

Halberds (S+)

  • S+ Tier: Commander’s Standard
  • S Tier: Night rider glaive, Dragon Halberd, Swordspear,
  • A Tier: Banished Knight’s, Vulgar Militia Saw, Ripple Crescent Halberd, Gargoyle Halberd
  • B Tier: Golden Halberd, Loretta’s War Sickle, Halberd, Glaive
  • C Tier: Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, Pest Glaive, Lucerne, Vulgar Militia Shotel


  • A Tier: Grave scythe, Scythe
  • B Tier: Halo Scythe
  • C Tier: Winged Scythe


  • A Tier: Hoslow’s, Thorned
  • B Tier: Urumi
  • C Tier: Whip, Magma, Giants


  • S Tier: Star fist, Spiked caestus
  • A Tier: Iron ball, Katar, caestus
  • B Tier: Veterans prosthesis
  • C Tier: Grafted dragon, Clinging bone
  • D Tier: Ciper Pata


  • S Tier: Venomous fang
  • A Tier: Bloodhound claws, Hookclaws, raptor talons


  • D Tier: Red Branch Bow

Note: Every other bow is irrelevant.

Regular Bows

  • C Tier: Serpent Bow, Black bow

Note: Every other regular bow is irrelevant.


  • B Tier: Radahn’s
  • C Tier: Golem greatbow

Note: Every other greatbow is irrelevant.


  • A Tier: Pulley crossbow
  • C Tier: Full moon
  • D Tier: Arbalest, Black key crossbow

Note: Every other crossbow is irrelevant.


  • D Tier: Jar cannon, Hand Ballista


  • B Tier: St trinas
  • D Tier: Ghost Flame torch, Beast repellent torch, Steel-wire torch

Note: Every other torch is irrelevant.

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