Elder Scrolls: Castles – Useful Tips and Tricks (Combat, Breeding, Design)

Tips and Tricks


The best tip I can give anyone is Kiting.

If I had any other tip, it would be to power level an item you can consistently drop from a short fight, and make sure it has the “+health” stat in its buffs, this will increase the fighter’s survivability, and sustain is important in difficult fights or for multiple waves

You can also focus on upgrading one weapon, and with time, the damage will scale, no matter which tier it’s from.

If at all possible, power level a lifesteal weapon, with enough damage, that enchant will hard carry your runs.

Dragon level/HP

  • 25: 650
  • 50: 1050
  • 75: 1450
  • 100: 1650
  • 125: 2450
  • 150: 3050

The enchantment damage works exactly like your weapon “base” damage, it’s boosted by stamina and not affected by magicka (if it’s a physical weapon), traits, ennemies weakness (using a sword against a dagger), armor enchantment and everything else.


  • Every traits can be obtained randomly through breeding.
  • The enduring adds approximately 15 to 20 years.
  • Breed higher rarity subjects with each other regardless of their marital status.
  • Make sure you do it every day, and banish lower rarity subjects, this is the best method to have legendary babies.
  • 2 male subjects can have a child.
  • When you marry two subjects and one is noble both of them will always be noble, but it happened to me once after my ruler died that one became a commoner and other stayed noble. It’s a bug I think.
  • If both parents have a trait (lets say leader).
  • The child has a “pretty high” chance to get leader too.
  • That’s why you need try to put together subject with corresponding traits.

Architectural design

  • There’s no way to “delete” a building, but you can “store” it or hide it.
  • Just drag it to the bottom left of the screen.
  • A red icon will pop up.
  • Put your work stations close together. It’s quicker to collect resources. And then put decorations far away.


  • Legendary packs are basically useful for equipment only, to get a high tier end-game weapon / armor.
  • But if you have lots of supplies, getting another work station is fine, but you’ll probably run out of metals and stuff.


The subject available for purchase in store right now is worth the cost (675 gems), not for the subject himself, but for the two EPIC QUALITY, AND NOT LEGENDARY gear he has, assuming you’re at tier 6 and those two give +2 moonstone each.

Also, give this man a shield and have him marry one of your fighters, he’s a VERY good tank.

Please remember two things:

  • Despite being yellow, the quality of those signature items are NOT legendary, they are epic.
  • The bonus from the enchant is based on your Dynasty Level, so make sure the bonus from that gear is tier 6 (moonstone).
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