Dark and Darker – All Leathersmith Quests Guide

Here you can find all leathersmith’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Leathersmith Quests

Finding Hope

Search and Rescue

  • Completion Requirement: In the Goblin Caves; Survive 6 Times
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Leather Cap, Regal Gambeson, 75 Experience

No kill requirements/mob requirements, you do have the choice to rat the entire time and get this quest done.

Quest is working fine.

One Step Closer

  • Completion Requirement: In the Goblin Caves; Explore the ‘Goblin Prisons A’ location
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Lantern, 3 Oil Lantern, 50 Experience 

No expert tips for this one, just locate the “Prisons A” location.

Quest is working fine.

Cap-tivating Adventures

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 5 Looted Leather Caps
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Reinforced Gloves, Rugged Boots, 50 Experience, 25 Affinity

Plain and simple, collect looted leather caps. Can be from any map. Breaking crates and barrels can produce more chances to find leather caps.

Quest is working fine.

Learning The Truth

Hidden Truths

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 15 Elite grade Frost Skeleton Archers and 15 Elite grade Frost Skeleton Crossbowman
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Longbow, Windlass Crossbow, 175 EXP

Frost skeleton crossbowman are hard to find. One is guaranteed to spawn going to the southern middle rooms on Ice Caverns to find them.

Quest is working fine.

Brutish Truths

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 5 Barbarians and 5 Fighters
  • Quest Reward:  125 Gold Coin, Falchion, Round Shield, 200 Exp

Play normal mode to track if you get the kill or not. Kills on players are not shared across the team for the quest.

Quest is working fine.

Frost-Covered Funds

  • Completion Requirement: In The Ice Cavern; Interact with 15 Oak Chests. Must complete in one session and escape.
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Heavy Gambeson, Heavy Boots, 200 Exp, 25 Affinity

I’m unsure if the small or large oak chests counted towards the quest. I would just start running through rooms opening as many as you can.

Quest is working fine.

It’s All In The Details

Beneath The Surface

  • Completion Requirement: Interact with Floor Spikes in Crypts dungeon (15x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Epic Windlass Crossbow, 1 Epic Spear, 300 Experience, 25 Affinity

Golden Trails

  • Completion Requirement: Interact with Golden Chest in Crypts dungeon (20x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Open Sallet, 1 Legend Chaperon, 300 Experience

Long Live The King

  • Completion Requirement: Kill Ghost King (3x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Arming Sword, 1 Legend Spellbook, 1000 Experience, 50 Affinity

When Ghost King enters the room, he will teleport to the first player and leave a Curse pool. You can avoid this by running past it or waiting for the attack. He will keep doing this move during the fight. Stay away from your teammates and go to the edges of the arena so Curse Pools don’t cover everything.

Ghost King will also do a Scream attack that hurts everyone in the arena. The damage is increased by the number of Curse stacks you have. You can’t avoid this attack.

Sometimes he will shoot 5 orbs at a player. Each orb hits for 30 Magical Damage.

He might also cast a bubble around himself and chase a player. If the player gets caught, Ghost King will drain their health. To avoid this, press x to take out your weapon and run. If you get caught, your cleric needs to heal you so you can survive. If you get drained while standing in a Curse Pool, you will die.

Most importantly, his Earthquake ability will instantly kill anyone in the room who doesn’t jump at the right time. To time the jump perfectly, watch his head and jump when you see blue sparks. If you survive the jump, Ghost King will spawn 3 Death Skulls. Running Holy Purification on your Cleric will kill these in one hit.

I hope you found this useful!

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