Entropy: Zero 2 – Ending Guide

A basic guide to getting each ending, obvious spoilers ahead!


Warning there are obviously spoilers ahead. This guide was made because i was bored and there wasn’t an ending guide yet, it also only shows endings i’ve found there may be more that aren’t listed.

This guide will be split up between if you take or leave wilson (and if there is any change). I could not find any official names for the endings so the naming may be wrong.

Wilson Taken to Upload Station

Wiped Ending

After killing “clone cop” Accept the Advisor’s mandatory reward (do nothing), you will have your memories erased and after the credits will be sent on guard duty and meet a familiar robot.

Debt Repaid Ending

Tip for the fight, using xen grenades will spawn allied Vortigaunts to distract and damage the advisor.

Show your refusal of the Advisor’s reward with bullets, after eventually killing the Advisor make your way to the control panel, push the buttons then shoot the exposed energy cores, ignore Wilson’s warning to run and gman will give you an offer, accept the offer and kill the host to be transported to your old room, however Gman cant stay long…

After the credits it shows another clone cop having his mind altered, however the advisors are seeming to have trouble resulting in bad cop asking to die and getting ignored.

“Cause and Effect” Ending

Kick Gman’s at any point during the previous ending and he will put you in a timeout on Xen atleast he gave you a friend so you will not be lonely.

Wilson Left Behind

Only one ending appears to change slightly if Wilson is not uploaded.

Debt Repaid

the ending goes unchanged but instead of Wilson a female AI will take his place, along with silence instead of Wilson’s “so long boss” as you teleport.

Written by Sneakyrat

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  1. If you left wilson, the ending CHANGES. Advisor will kill you, but if you bring Wilson to upload station, he will save you a couple of seconds before your death in the scene after credits.

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