Entropy: Zero – How to Obtain Fifty Sterilize Credits Achievement Easy

Short guide on how to get the Fifty sterlize credits achievement without having to sit in the firing range and slowly kill 50 civilians.

Easy Guide to Unlock Fifty Sterilize Credits Achievement


  • Step 1: Make sure Developer console is enabled in the options menu.
  • Step 2: Enter any level. Look at the floor and open the console. Type or copy paste the following command:
npc_create create_citizen
  • Step 3: Kill the citizen.
  • Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3 until you have the achievement.

Firing Range Method Sucks

While trying to 100% this game I noticed the main method mentioned to getting the “Fifty Sterilize Credits” achievement was best done in the Firing Range.

However the citizens are far too slow to spawn and who has time to press the lever, wait for 1 citizen to run out then kill them 50 times? As Bad Cop puts it: “I’ve got better things to do”.

Here’s an alternate solution that’s much faster and you can do during your game instead of loading into the firing range which resets all your progress.

Developer Console

I believe the Developer Console is enabled by default but if not then guide within a guide to enabling it:

  • Go to the options menu – Keyboard – press the Advanced button.
  • Make sure “Enable Developer Console” is ticked.
  • Press the “Toggle developer console” button to open it. Usually this is bound to ` but you can rebind it.

Fun Way: Get to the End of “Dead Tenant”

You can get up to 40+ kills from the start of the game to the end of this chapter if you take specific steps to ensure you are directly killing the rebels:


  • Set difficulty to “Easy Cop”. Unless you want to try and do this alongside a Bad Cop playthrough, it’s far easier to rush through everything without worrying too much about being killed quickly.
  • Kill rebels using your guns directly. Avoid using Manhacks, barrels, turrets and whatever else. While some other methods can raise the counter for rebel kills, the best way is to just gun them down yourself
  • In the “stealth” section, just go guns blazing. Easy Copy difficulty will mean you can usually survive the turrets as long as you are fast. Doing it this way will add more kills to the achievement as having the turrets do it for you causes you to miss out on a bunch of them. You can always make a save at the start to get the stealth achievement later or do it first and then reload the save.
  • Use “achievement_debug 1” in the developer console to see your progress. A message should pop up every time you get a kill towards this achievement, so you know how many you have left to go.

Getting the Last Kills to 50

Most likely even killing every rebel you see won’t get you to 50. So now we can use the magic of the console to get the remaining kills without going to the firing range.

Near the end of Dead Tenant where you meet the imprisoned metro cop is about the point where you will stop fighting Rebels.

Find a nice spot on the floor to look at and open the developer console.

Type in “npc_create npc_citizen” and enter it:

And then close the console and wow, a random citizen. Kill him.

This citizen counts towards the achievement and the command doesn’t trigger cheats, so just spend some time spawning one in, killing them quickly and repeating. You can use the Up arrow key to select the last command entered in the Developer Console, so even faster if you don’t want to copy past the command over and over.

Can’t You Just Do This at Any Point in the Game?

Yes. If you really want to you can just start the game, spawn the citizen and slaughter them 50 times.

You can also do this near the end of the game in your own playthrough just to get it before the finale, so you don’t need to replay the game just to get this achievement.

For me at least I found it more fun to just speedrun through the first 2 chapters and then spawn the citizens at the end so I had to do it the least amount of times.

Written by Verreaux


  1. Hi there!
    Your TL;DR have an error: should be npc_citizen and not create_citizen

    Also, a faster method is to type in the console:

    bind “c” “npc_create npc_citizen”

    so people can just spam a key and create lots of NPC fast! and it’s funny to kill them

  2. Nice! Thanks for the tips mate. Trying to get all Achievements and I’ve only got 4 left, and this is one of em. Thanks a lot!

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