Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Merhojed Reputation Guide (King Charming Achievement)

How to increase reputation of Merhojed. This is for King Charming achievement.

Guide to Increase Merhojed Reputation

Merhojed Reputation

If you want to increase reputation of Merhojed, you need to repeat a fast travel between Merhojed and Inn in the Glade.

You can meet encounters naturally at two places:

  • A three-way road to the right of the windmill ❌

But the encounters we want does not occur here. At least to me.

  • The forest just to the left of Inn in the Glade ⭕

This place is important. Don’t avoid the fights that happens here.

There are two fights you have to go through here:

  1. A fight between merchants and bandits/cumans.
  2. A fight between guards and bandits/cumans.

The first will raise the reputation of Merhojed villagers, and the second will raise the reputation of Merhojed soldiers. There is also a fight between bandits and cumans, so keep repeating.

My Case

I started from this state:

  • Merhojed 56.
  • Merhojed villagers 62.
  • Merhojed soldiers 50.

Until the reputation rises above 80, I met two fights between merchants and bandits/cumans, and I met one fight between guards and bandits/cumans.

The result

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