Epic Chef – How to Defeat Mitrielle

This guide explains how to beat Mitrielle step-by-step. Attention! There might be some spoilers!

How to Beat Mitrielle

It is a very simple secret.

  1. Use the sauce in the first round.
  2. Then just cook a dish that has the aroma 15+. Note that crab and rat recipes build a good amount of aroma. For example you can use crab, mushroom and rat. So your dish is tasted first. Doesn’t matter your score coz her dish being tasted second the sauce activates and she gets a negative score.
  3. In the second round you need her dish to be tasted first when the sauce effect is still active.
  4. So cook something that has very little to no aroma (less than 10). If you stir quickly no aroma builds.
  5. Thus her dish goes first and she again gets a negative score.
  6. And then you win.

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