Epic Chef – Useful Tips And Tricks

Here you can find some useful tips and answers to your questions. Warning! This guide contain spoilers.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

How to run/quick travel

If you manage to hatch the mysterious egg you find you’ll get a mount, complete with it’s own inventory.

Move or delete buildings

You can’t move them, but you can dismantle them with the hammer and get your resources back.

How to lure a cow?

You need to buy the ancient tamer skull from the witch. so there is a satanic looking cow head which if you left click on an animal it will make it follow you. It is called the ancient taming device.

Note: The blue orb and the skull are not sold by the witch directly, they are inside the shop on a display. And once you bought those they both should show up in your tools tab of your inventory.

How to get mince meat?

You can buy the slaughterhouse from Jesus for 650 (I think) and then lure a cow onto the X and it will produce 3 cow meat.

Check the mixer (You can unlock that one if you follow the potato quest).

How to make ghost potatoes?

You unlock a new building that you can make, the “mixer” which allows you to craft ghostatos.

How to delete tilled soil?

When you get the hammer, equip it, look at the tilled soil and it should give you a prompt to remove it!

How the sauce value x2 works?

The way it works is that you can multiply the value of all the “vigor-flavor = red-bubbles” in the pan, as you pop them then they count as 2 instead of 1.

How to get a meal with high vigor – 50 vigor for the graveyard?

Seaweed, two ground beef, and the tomato sauce. Put everything but the sauce in and let it burn till the spirit is below 20 then top off the vigor with the sauce. It should be about 46,19,10 when you put the sauce in.

Who is the Smuggler (“For concordia!” quest)

Skrabba, the bar owner cat woman is a smuggler. She should be at her bar from 6PM to midnight.

After talking with skrabba, she asked us to look for the spring in the forest. Where the spring is? Also you can unlock air ship travel as a fast travel option.

Pirate ship quest

Talk to the pirate at the front of the boat and make sure the use the spilled wine as well… Then go to the aft (back of the boat near the steering wheel) and speak with the meek sailor who is cleaning. This should create new dialog that involves him becoming angry over the type of wine. Return to the front of the boat and you’ll notice the item you need near the sailor who was cleaning and is now “taking care of business” at the front of the boat (If you can’t see it look for a sword stabbed into the deck).

Where to find Hadriv’s Sons

They are all spread around the old harbor district. You can recognize them by their helmets. So they all wear the same outfit compared to Hadriv. So take a good look at his helmet and look for characters with those and talk to them.

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