Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night – Beginners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to MousyMcMouseFace!

Having trouble escaping Michael Jackson? Here’s a brief beginners guide to the game-play and starting a match.

Guide for New Players


  1. There are 5 puzzles rooms, including the kitchen (needed for the ritual item).
  2. There are 2 keys: Crow key and Cobra key.
  3. There is 1 ritual item (needed to complete the ritual, to remove the entity blocking the door).
  4. The map and items are randomly generated and change every match.

The Keys

You only need to locate and complete the puzzles containing keys.

Find and complete any puzzle. Inside the safe by the puzzle is a clue as to the location of the keys. For example, complete the music puzzle. Inside the safe there is a picture of a TV and Book – the keys are in the TV room and the Library. This is randomised each game so keys are in different locations.

The Ritual Item

The statue in the atrium/entrance hall is missing a stone arm. The arm is in the Kitchen. To get the arm, you need to find a meat leg. The meat leg thing spawns randomly on the map. When you find it, take it to the Kitchen, hang it up with the other meat legs, then the Stone Arm will drop. Pick it up.

Take the Stone Arm to the atrium/entrance hall where the statue is and hold the left mouse button to place it on the statue. The ritual item will appear at the front of the statue in a stone hand.

Place the item in the empty space on the perimeter of the ritual circle (directly opposite the statue). This completes the ritual and removes the barrier from the main door.


Put both keys in the door and escape.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you do the Ritual first or the keys.

Starting a match:

  • If you want to co-op online by yourself, just press “”Find a match”.
  • If you want to coop with friends, either open a private match and have everyone enter the code to join your lobby. Alternatively you can click “find a match” and have your friends enter the code of the public lobby.
  • Whoever plays the Ayuwoki is randomly selected.

Special skill / ability / perk:

In “edit character” at the bottom, you can choose your “special Skill”. Scroll through until you find one you like and save changes. Passive skills happen automatically. To use active skills, press E on keyboard.


Find 2 keys by completing puzzles. Find the leg of meat, hang it up in kitchen to get stone hand. Put stone hand on statue in main hall to get the ritual item. Place item on ritual circle to remove entity blocking the main door. Use keys on door.

For a more in-depth guide to puzzles, check out JamOnToazt’s tips on how to play.

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