Everafter Falls – Helpful Tips for Beginners

Useful Tips and Tricks for Noobs

Things to Know to Get You Started

  • You can shred your letters at the post office or the recycling box at Cid’s Store, 6 letters get you 1 card fragment. 3 card fragments and 1 super glue get you 1 blank card.
  • You can get your cards printed at the print shop for a fee to get skills.
  • If you leave an item on the ground over night it will be picked up by Atlas.
  • He’s the toad in the lake at the bottom left corner of the map and you can buy them back for a small fee.
  • Some houses/stores have potted plants inside that grow all year around.
  • They take a while to grow but it’s nice to donate to the museum or get some extra money from time to time.
  • Items marked with a blue star are items you haven’t donated to the museum yet.
  • By completing collections you get museum credits that can be used to purchase skill cards and other items at the terminals on the desk.
  • If you leave the stumps of trees around, they have a chance to spawn mushrooms.
  • A different kind than the ones that spawn on the ground.

Critter Breeding

Breeding Tips:

  • Parent critters must be of the same size/species and in a terrarium together. Specific critter type (i.e., blue lake, neon candy, earl grey, etc.) does not matter.
  • Baby critter will be the same size as parents (e.g., small frogs will make small tadpoles).
  • Baby critters need to be in a terrarium by themselves to grow up.
  • Baby critter will grow into a random type within its species/size bracket (e.g., a small tadpole from a blue lake frog and neon candy frog could grow up as an earl grey frog).

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How to Make a Giant Lotus

Get 9 lotus pods.

Choose what color you want to go for (or wait for them to flower and go with whichever you see the most of).

Pro Tip: Add a labeled signpost with the color you choose so you don’t forget!

Toss them into the water in a 3×3 grid.

Every time the lotuses flower, remove the colors you don’t want by fishing out the lily pads.

Toss a lotus pod into the spot you just removed to plant a new lotus.

Repeat the previous step until all 9 lotuses flower with the same color.

Once they do, you have a chance every day for the 9 lotuses to turn into a giant lotus!

Locked Community Areas

South of Museum entrance2 Cherry Blossom trees & a Pixie Shrine
NorthEast of Cid’s Shop2 Water Trees, 2 Fire Trees, & an Orb Tree
Far South of Freya’sPuffle Tree, Box Tree, 2 Coal nodes, 3 Yummyberry bushes, a Bee Box, & a Silkworm Box
South side of the Central tree3 Puffle Trees, 2 Star Fruit Trees, & Shard node
East of Atlas2 Pine Trees, Quartz node, Gold node, & Orange Tree
Outside of the Print ShopWurple Tree, Bobble Tree, & Orange Tree

All About Pixies

Pixies are small beings made mostly of light. They harness the energy from an unseen plane to work their magic.

A Pixie Bottle is required to transport them around. Once bottled, they can be placed on various objects by interacting with that object with the bottle in your hand.

They have different uses depending on their color.


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List of All Key Prizes

  • Blue At Dawn’s – Community Gate Key
  • Pink At Dawn’s – Hp Up Potion
  • Pink At Post Office – Pepper Plushie
  • Yellow At Dog’s House – Dog Plushie
  • Pink At Print Shop – Aamy Plushie
  • Blue At Print Shop – Card Scrap
  • Yellow At Print Shop – Blank Card
  • Pinks At Blacksmith – I Think There Are 7 Orbs?
  • Pink At Seed Shop – Lotus Amulet
  • Yellow At Seed Shop – Orb Sapling
  • Pink At Seed Shop – Wurple Sapling
  • Yellow At Cid’s Shop – Durian Sapling
  • Pink At Cid’s Shop – Gold Drone Upgrade
  • Blue At Cid’s Shop – Paper Scrap
  • Blue At Calvin’s House/Shop – Black Fishing Mod

Giant Furnace

You can find the giant furnace at the blacksmith’s, it is on the right side of your screen. It’ll cost gold and several hours to smelt any of these items.

Secret Geode

Behind Daisie’s house are some goodies. In this screenshot, I move the house down so you can clearly see what there is.

If you want to get Free geodes to break open, remove everything up to the white round stone. Be careful you do NOT break it, because you cannot see in the actual game it is hidden behind the house. Just be aware of it’s position.

Put a Blue PIXIE on it, and you will get a free geode of random rarity each day (chances based off rarity). You should be able to find an elf stone in no time.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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