Tiny Glade – Guide to Build the Balconies

This short guide has learn you to build a balcony.

How to Build Balconies

To build a balcony, you initially need, oddly enough, a house.

Then choose one of the types of buildings (the tower or the house itself).

Then raise it to the wall level (as in the first video). In the future, you need to choose the length and width of our balcony (and depending on them, the connection of the balcony to the wall and the ground may change).

Congratulations, now it remains to decorate it to your taste and color!

You can also make them angular.

An interesting fact: doors can also be combined, as well as windows, but they cannot be placed on a corner.

Final question

How to make the little tower attach without it making support pillars?

The answer

  • At first: Just like the rectangular one, I just pointed at the corner, edited the radius of the tower and voila.
  • At second: It remains only to wait for the full version of the game.
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