Evolings – Collector / Shiny Master Guide

This guide is meant to help with the Evolings Collector and Shiny Master achievements. It contains a full list of Evolings, including fusion recipes, along with helpful tricks to keep in mind.


Hey everyone, I am making this guide to help out with anyone trying to get the Evolings Collector or Shiny Master achievements. In case anyone needs some credibility put behind this guide, I recently completed all the achievements, completed every tier of artifact, and had my fun with the game. My Evopedia is as follows: Base Color, 100%; Shiny, 100%; Super Shiny, 52%; Rainbow Shiny, 22%.

I’m mainly doing this to provide a more solid set of information for anyone embarking on the same quest. I used a comment in one of the discussions to get me a completed Evopedia, but I figured that info could use a more permanent home and some extra help.

Without further ado, let’s get onto the guide.

All Evolings

This section contains all current Evolings in their Evopedia order. Of course, this guide contains spoilers for Evolings you don’t have yet.

Any Evoling that can be found in the wild is listed as a “base Evoling”. This essentially means they are not fused from other Evolings.

Any fused Evoling that has only two Evolings listed requires any combination of them. For example, Hubble is listed as needing Sparkle and Shimmer. To fuse it, you need either 2x Sparkle and 1x Shimmer OR 1x Sparkle and 2x Shimmer.

PeppermintBase Evoling
Candycane3x Peppermint
SparkleBase Evoling
Glitter3x Sparkle
BlobBase Evoling
O’ Jelly3x Blob
DevilBase Evoling
Mephisto3x Devil
FlameBase Evoling
Blaze3x Flame
WitchBase Evoling
Sorceress3x Witch
SatanistWitch, Devil, Flame
FrostyBase Evoling
Chill3x Frosty
ShimmerBase Evoling
Cosmo3x Shimmer
SlerpBase Evoling
Derp3x Slerp
BoooBase Evoling
BoOOoo3x Booo
Pow!Base Evoling
Boom!3x Pow!
FateBase Evoling
Fortune3x Fate
SprinklesPeppermint, Frosty
HubbleSparkles, Shimmer
BlerpBlob, Slerp
TerrorDevil, Booo
CannyFlame, Pow!
BabaWitch, Fate
The HeadPow!, Booo, Fate
MellowBase Evoling
Fluff3x Mellow
PeppellowMellow, Pepermint
FrizzleMellow, Frosty
TuttifruttiMellow, Peppermint, Frosty
FlambeeMellow, Flame
Sir PicklesPeppermint, Slerp
ShroomyBase Evoling
Amanita3x Shroomy
Ooze CapShroomy, Blob
SloomShroomy, Slerp
QuackBlob, Shroomy, Slerp
LunaBase Evoling
Terra3x Luna
SolarShimmer, Luna
HugLuna, Sparkle
VoidLuna, Sparkle, Shimmer
CandleBase Evoling
Candlestick3x Candle
CampfireCandle, Flame
PyroPow!, Candle
ArmageddonPow!, Flame, Candle
KnoggyBase Evoling
McBones3x Knoggy
SkullfaceDevil, Knoggy
RattleBooo, Knoggy
LichDevil, Booo, Knoggy
VoodooBase Evoling
Mojo3x Voodoo
TarotVoodoo, Witch
HermitVoodoo, Fate
WaywardWitch, Fate, Voodoo
Night HagKnoggy, Candle, Voodoo
BonnieBase Evoling (Slot Machine)
Cable BoyBase Evoling (Slot Machine)

Evoling Collector Tips and Tricks

I’m going to lay the helpful information I have out in a list style. I’ll try to put it in a logical order. If someone has a suggestion as to how to frame this better, let me know.

  • For this achievement, you’ll need every Evoling in the game registered to your Evopedia. That second part is very important. I don’t think any Evoling obtained during the 3rd and 4th tiers of the Alea artifact runs count. Any other artifact and any other tier should be completely fine.
  • Keep a list of every missing Evoling and its recipe on the notepad app for your computer/phone. This let me easily check what base Evolings I needed during a run.
  • The game tries to get you fusions on your Evolings. If you take a Luna as your first Evoling, it is far more likely for you get another Luna or another space Evoling as your second Evoling.
  • Use the box to your advantage. If you have a terrible run, try and put any Evolings you still need in the box for a future run.
  • Demon, Magic, and Fire Evolings are far less common than Candy, Slime, or Space Evolings. If your run is going good, try to take the less common Evolings. The Evil Charm is great for getting these Evolings, as it makes them the only ones that can show up in Star or Evoling levels. Evoling Bottles or Devil’s Pacts can also serve a similar purpose, as all enemies are Demon, Magic, or Fire.
  • Gravestone can be incredibly useful for getting fused Evolings that require Booos. You can essentially convert ANY Evoling into a Booo by letting it die.
  • Space Dust, Chocolate Milk, and Ball of Slime let you convert any Evoling into a random Space, Candy, or Slime Evoling, respectively. You can convert one Slime Evoling into another Slime Evoling with the Ball of Slime if you need to, but don’t count on it getting you the Slime Evoling you want.
  • The first tier of the Alea artifact can get you the items above. It is incredibly useful to convert a team of base Evolings you don’t need into a team of base Evolings you do.
  • Try to build winning strategies or just go for Evopedia progression. Doing both at the same time is really hard. While doing this, I constantly found myself in a spot where I could either get that one fused Evoling that would make my team amazing or that one fused Evoling that I needed for the Evopedia entry. Figure out if you want the completion or the win more, and go from there. I often chose the Evopedia entry.
  • Bonnie and Cable Boy come exclusively from the slot machine minigame. I typically played each slot machine twice before getting kicked out. The first time, I would win a base Evoling and 10 frootloops to pay for my next spin. The second time, I would win a base Evoling and 60 frootloops to buy an item in the next shop.
  • You can save scum at multiple points in each run for maximum efficiency. I often did this to scout each branching path’s ?, Star, or Evoling levels to see which one would be the most beneficial to me. You can also save scum at the slot machine. Carefully watch what Evolings you get from the slot machine. If you don’t need either of them, exit to title before leaving the slot machine. You then get a second chance to get the Evolings you want. I don’t know exactly how the RNG works, but I found that if your first spin was different, you’d almost always get two different Evolings. You can typically save scum 2-4 times before your team takes damage. I normally did it twice, unless I was really desperate for favorable RNG.

Shiny Master Tips and Tricks

All Evolings Collector tips and tricks apply here, but I’ll also provide some more specific information as to how I got the Shiny Master Achievement.

  • You’ll get many shiny base Evolings just by playing the game normally. You probably won’t have to spend any Fairy Dust on them, except for Bonnie and Cable Boy.
  • Fusing two (or three) shiny Evolings does not lead to a higher rarity of shiny. If you have a shiny Witch and a shiny Devil, try to fuse them into separate Evolings.
  • The first tier of the Alea artifact is amazing for shiny Evolings. All items are randomized at the start of a fight, and they can be turned into Fairy Dusts. You can also save scum to avoid consuming the item because the Evopedia entry is permanent once unlocked.
  • DO NOT DO TIER 3 OR 4 ALEA RUNS. Those randomize the Evolings you get. I don’t think you can get any Evopedia entry from those runs, even if you put a Fairy Dust on an Evoling yourself.
  • You can take three items from your last run into the start of your next run, which gives you seed items for Alea runs.
  • I cannot over stress how important the Alea artifact was for me in getting the Shiny Master achievement. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets patched out, but use it while you can. If you have already beaten the first tier of the Alea, you can go back to it. However, you have to beat all tiers of that artifact before you can select lower ones.
  • The items that convert one Evoling to another are very useful. Using them registers the Evoling in your Evopedia if you don’t have it. Using a Chocolate Milk can get you all three base shiny Candy Evolings if you are lucky enough.
  • Cable Boy was infuriating for this achievement. You can’t win him from the slot machine in Alea runs, as he is an item and becomes a different item before he can be added to your team. Evoling Bottles still work as intended during Alea runs. I got him on a run with the Nim artifact, and I was lucky enough to get a Fairy Dust in the same run. If you are worried about getting a Fairy Dust on a Nim run, put Cable Boy into the box to take out during an Alea run. Bonnie should work the same, but I got Bonnie’s shiny during some other run long before I went for this achievement.
  • Save scum. It might not sound fun to do, but you aren’t punished for the first 2 times you do it in a row, and you only have a chance to be punished each time after that. I probably save scummed 20 or more times in each run while only facing 1 or 2 penalties. Doing this is insanely good, as it lets you make the best/most informed decisions. Also, save scum to avoid a really difficult fight. There’s no sense in loosing an Evoling you need to a fight you don’t need to even start.
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