Expedition Agartha – How to Kill Asura

Killing Asura Tips

The marksmen are worthless, asura take little to no damage from projectiles.

Use a 2h weapon (not a spear/bardiche, a 2h that deals 300+ damage) and do heavy attacks; run in, land a hit, run out.

Asura jumps into the air -> you sprint away from them in the opposite direction.

Repeat until they die, keeping an eye out for gankers.

I typically use a green 2h greatsword, but whatever 2h is most comfortable for you.

If you can parry the non red-flying attacks (asura normal melee attacks) that helps a lot for extra attacks.

It takes ~5 minutes to kill an Asura, plus or minus depending on how many parries and hits you can land.

Note: You can kill her from outside of the arena then go in collect your loot and leave. Used a crafted crossbow took less than 50 bolts.

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