F1 23 – How to Fix Coop Equal Performance Bug

This is a workaround for the current “equal performance” bug in F1 23.

Coop Equal Performance Bug Fix

Step 1

Start from the main menu of the F1 23 game. Once at the main menu, go to “F1 World”, then “Play”, then go to “Multiplayer Grand Prix” and “Create a Session”

Once you hit “Multiplayer Grand Prix”, make sure you choose “No (Open)” for the lobby.

Step 2

Once the lobby is created, go to the settings and view “Lobby Options”.

Change the car category to “F1 2023 cars”.

After that, go to “Simulation Settings” and change the equal performance setting to “Off”. Exit out of the lobby and go back to the main menu of the F1 23 game once that’s completed.

Step 3

Once back at the main menu, go to “Career” and then “Two Player Career”. When you’re at the two player career screen, hit “Create New”.

Important: You MUST create a NEW Two-Player career for this to work. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the only work around for this bug that I have been able to find.

Step 4

Once you get your NEW two-player career save up and running, the “Equal Performance” setting should then be off.

Enjoy your career with your friend!

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