Fallen Saint Yhoundeh – 100% Walkthrough Guide with All Endings

This guide includes a complete list of locations and enemies. You will also find here all endings and relationship details.

Complete Walkthrough

The Map

  • Red – regular titles
  • Yellow – titles with Fast Travel


Name / Loot


The table does not include bosses and enemies from the first two endings because there is no level for auto-victory.

By columns from left to right:

Enemy name / location / How many souls are given / Level for one shot


Important! The cost of levels for each character is exactly the same and looks as follows:

  1. 100
  2. 200
  3. 300
  4. 400
  5. 500
  6. 600
  7. 700

However, the number of levels is different for each character, so in the description of each relationship I will indicate the number of levels and what kind of rewards you can get at the last level.


  • 5 levels
  • Medicinal Herbs


  • 6 levels
  • Nun’s Habit

Hotep the Masochist

  • 3 levels
  • Maid Uniform


  • 4 levels
  • Grimoire: Act Cute


  • 5 levels
  • Nothing


  • 6 levels
  • Eibon’s Ring

Will only agree to release all prisoners after getting rid of 10 fairies. The ring will be the reward for the quest with the fairies.


  • 7 levels
  • Trak’s Ring

You’re gonna need 10k souls and he will release the prisoners and will give you the ring.


  • 6 levels
  • Nothing


  • 4 levels
  • Grimoire: Soul Barrage


  • 5 levels
  • Grimoire: Endless Regeneration


  • 7 levels
  • H-Scene + Mynoghra’s Ring


  • 7 levels
  • White Ink


  • 2 levels
  • Nothing


Ending 1: Departure

  • You have to get Charlie’s Ring which is in Charlie’s House.
  • You must also have Virgin status and a low Depravity score.
  • Defeat the true final boss Naia.

Ending 2: Nyarlathotep’s Wife

  • You have to get Charlie’s Ring which is in Charlie’s House.
  • You must also have Non-Virgin status or a high Depravity score.
  • Defeat the true final boss Naia.

Ending 3: Fallen Saint Yhoundeh

  • Defeat the boss Sadogni with a Virgin status.

Ending 4: Thus, the Cycle Repeats

  • Defeat the boss Sadogni with a Non-Virgin status.

Ending 4b: Thus, the Cycle Repeats

  • Get defeated by the true final boss.

Alternate Ending: The Path Home

  • You take the “finish all” option while in the Azatot’s Palace location.

Hidden secret

If you go through the game for all the endings, you can meet the “author” of the project in the “Recollection Room”. Talk to him. You’ll learn a lot of interesting things!

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