Lust Goddess – How to Fight (Scores, Leagues and Crates)

Fight Guide

Bring your squad into battle through the Fight 14 menu.

Score & Leagues

Win & lose Score as you win & lose battles. Until you reach the top leagues & the climb gets even harder, 2 wins negate 1 loss. Your league will go up & down as your Score passes thresholds.

Reaching a new league for the first time will unlock new tiered rewards. The full list of unlocks can be found by clicking on the central league icon. Most content, tasks & rewards scale with the highest league you have ever reached (aka max league).


Upon winning a fight, you will win a random crate. Crates will go to an empty crate slot or be sped up immediately. Crates in crate slots can be collected after their timer runs out or they are sped up (1 :Emerix: per 3min5s) & will give mercenary points of the same rarity. Crates can be:

(Common Crate) Basic Crate (Common): < 30min (longer as your league goes up)

Disappears at League 23

  • (Rare Crate) Secure Crate (Rare): 2h
  • (Rare Crate) Large Secure Crate (Rare): 4h
  • (Epic Crate) Advanced Crate (Epic): 6h
  • (Leg Crate) Superior Crate (Legendary): 12h

Unlocked at L19

The number of points contained scales to the level of the crate, it is equal to your league at the start of the fight that dropped said crate.

You start off with 4 crate slots. Up to 4 extra slots can be unlocked through the purchase of specific successive 5$/10$/20$/50$ bundles. The first 2-3 slots are the most recommended purchase for anyone looking to spend.

Every 8h [not sure about this condition], 3 wins will unlock a Win Crate. This crate’s level is your current league when you open it. Win crates up to level 22 are common, from level 21 onwards they are rare.

Every other Tuesday at midnight (in your timezone: 30 апреля 2024 г., 3:00), opening the Fight menu will reward you 2 Season Crates (auto-collected / more for the top 3 rankers). These crates (points & rarity) scale to the highest league you have reached in the 2-week season (epic til L20, legendary for L19).

Upon reaching a new league, your next few PvP crates (number depends on said league) will be Enhanced Crates. These crates have much increased 4h epic rates & cannot be 2h rares. We do not have enough data to say whether 12h legendaries have altered odds or not.


You can click a player name mid-fight to check their full squad.

The auto-battle function unlocks at L28. It will be weaker than manual play on most fights.


Unlocked at L27

Compare yourself to the Top 150 players ranked by platform, globally (“Top 150”), by “Country” & amongst your friends.

Clicking a profile will bring up their squad & stats.

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