Fallout: New Vegas – How to Play Caravan

The only guide you’ll ever need to be able to play Fallout: New Vegas. Short and simple to follow, ensuring that you will become a master at the game of Caravan.

Guide to Play Caravan

How to Play Caravan

  • Step 1. Find Ringo in Goodsprings.
  • Step 2. Ask Ringo to play Caravan.
  • Step 3. Receive the “How to Play Caravan” holotape.
  • Step 4. Attempt to read the holotape.
  • Step 5. Don’t finish reading the holotape because you can probably just “wing it”.
  • Step 6. Find a suitable NPC that you can play Caravan with (a list of NPCs can be found below).
  • Step 7. Play Caravan with the suitable NPC.
  • Step 8. Lose at Caravan because you have zero clue how to actually play the game.
  • Step 9. Go back to college to obtain a doctorate to finally master the dark arts of Caravan.
  • Step 10. Start winning at Caravan and roll around in the vast amount of caps you’ve won.

NPCs That Can Play Caravan

Name / Location

  • Cliff Briscoe – Dino Bite Gift Shop
  • Dale Barton – The Fort
  • Amb. Dennis Crocker – NCR Embassy
  • Isaac – Gun Runners
  • Pvt. Jake Erwin – NCR Embassy
  • Johnson Nash – Primm
  • Jules – North Vegas Square
  • Keith – Aerotech Suite 200
  • Lacey – Mojave Outpost
  • Little Buster – Camp McCarran
  • Quartermaster Mayes – Camp Forlorn Hope
  • No-Bark Noonan – Novac
  • Ringo – Goodsprings/Crimson Caravan Camp
  • Jed Masterson – Northern Passage/Southern Passage
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  1. Caravan is gambling if you don’t know how to play, you just hope that the AI messes up so much that you can win

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