Fantasy Survivors – Glutton Achievement Guide

How to get the elusive Glutton achievement!

Guide to Glutton Achievement


Ok, first thing to know is that breaking pots give 1 of 3 options:

  • Nothing
  • Gold
  • Food

For this achievement I’m going to go over everything that will give you the absolute best possible chance of success. This is by no means the ONLY way to get the achievement, but it is definitely the most efficient way that we have found by doing the least amount of tries. Anyways lets get right into it!


First, it is important that you understand you get Gold Bags after you have reached max level on all of your items. There are two artifacts that will speed this process up and they are Lockpicks (Only has 1 level) and Phoenix Egg (Only has 2 levels). This saves you 7 total levels which could make or break a run when it comes to RNG.

Second, you will want to prioritize Exp Tome and Loot Rake artifacts and max them as soon as possible. Remember the goal is to max items out as fast as possible, so more exp = faster levels. If you have 75 achievements you will have access to the Yellow Auras to potentially get an Exp Earned 8% buff (See Aura guide for what you can roll). You do NOT want to bring an artifact that is apart of a set because once that artifact reaches max level with your full set equipped it will attach to your gear and open another artifact slot. This is a waste of 5 levels so this is no bueno! You can use the necromancer set also since this does not have a Set artifact.

Third, start your run on the caverns map. We choose the Caverns map here because it consist of roughly 155 pots for us to break for a chance to get food. The better RNG you get from pots to get food the less RNG you will have to rely on from earning levels later on. On average with a bit of luck on your side you can potentially get around 43-47 pieces of food just from pots! The last few pieces of food come from… YUP you guessed correct, it comes from maxing out our gear for a chance to be offered food.

Lastly, the build used to get the most amount of kills for the most amount of exp is as such:

  • Javelin
  • Void Ring
  • Necronomicon
  • Tangle Bow
  • Familiar
  • Longbow


This is the Caverns map zoomed in. The red dots are where the pots to break are. The numbers that are in green = the sum of the pots in each section. Good luck friends!

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