Book of Hours – Loading Screen Help Tips

Help tips since the loading screen doesn’t last long enough.

Loading Screen Help in Tips


Help tips shown on the loading screen. Since I know they go by too fast for me to read I figure others might have the same issue and some are quite useful.


The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

“The Librarian has left the world behind. This has its advantages, but also its price.”

Navigating the House

“Left-click to interact with objects and rooms; right-click or use cursor keys to move your view around (you can change keys in Settings).”

What is Most Fitting?

“Click a slot to highlight everything that can go over it; mouse over an Aspect to highlight everything with that Aspect.”

Up Close

“If you’re new to BOOK OF HOURS… you might not realise just how far you can zoom in with the scroll wheel.”

Time Enough

“The seasons will pass; don’t worry. There’s no need to hurry… except in Numa.”

The Tree of Wisdoms

“Commit Skills to the Tree to get more Soul cards… and also to develop your understanding of the world and the Histories.”


“If you used up your starting ink, don’t worry. There are lots of inkpots in the House, and you can learn to brew your own ink.”


“Everything. Read everything.”

Save your game if you’re worried about what might happen next

“Book Of Hours is a gentler game than Cultist Simulator – you can save and load at will.”

Much is taken, much abides

“House furnishings are sometimes unique. Resources are not. If you destroy a resource, you can always get a replacement eventually.”


“If you think you’ve hit a dead end, try something else. There’s always a way forward, although it may take you in a different direction than you had planned…”

Workstation Hints

“The icons at the top of the Workstation window suggest relevant Powers to use in recipes at that workstation.”

Black Dove, White Crow

“Before the Curia, before the Dewulfs, before the Church of the Unconquered Sun, the sisters of the Knot kept their secrets in the caves of the Isle.”

Speed Controls

“Space pauses; numpad + and – change speed up and down; you can change these keyboard shortcuts in Settings.”

The Watchman’s Tree

“Hush House is one of the nine great libraries of the Watchman’s Tree – the select few places where the Hours sanction the preservation of forbidden knowledge.”

Send to Slot

“Weary wrist? Shift-click sends to the nearest workstation; ctrl-click to the nearest verb; you can change these keyboard shortcuts in Settings.”

Put Your Journal Somewhere Safe

“You can’t destroy it by accident, but if you put it on the wrong shelf, you might be vexed. This is an accurate simulation.”

Go to Completed Workstation

“Hit BACKSPACE to cycle between workstations with finished recipes.”

The Curia’s End

“Thirza Blake, Seventh Librarian, spent all the House’s money on her projects before her disappearance… and that’s when Nocturnal Branch stepped in.”

Memories and Lessons

“When upgrading a Skill, you can use a Lesson from any skill if it matches at least one Aspect… and you only need one Lesson. The rest can be any matching Memory.”

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