FIGHT KNIGHT – How to Defeat Graveyard Boss (Butcher)

Having difficulties defeating the Graveyard boss? Are you about to be butchered? Put this guide through the meat grinder when you’ve finished reading it!

Guide to Beat the Butcher (Graveyard Boss)


So, The Butcher is pretty easy when you’re fighting him in the tunnels. Just grab normal gauntlets, pummel him, dodge his attacks (parry them if you’re quick enough), but he’s not too hard to beat. Use a specialty like the 100-inch punch if you’re having trouble.

How to Beat The Butchered (Phase 0)

Now onto the main part of the guide. At first, I had something of a hard time beating this guy because he’s pretty quick and does a hefty bit of damage, but once I found out the strategy, it was practically a guaranteed win. The strategy is as follows:

The first step is to get the Gamblin’ Gunslinger gauntlets if you haven’t already. Equip the gauntlets and get a bit of practice with them by sparring with the Captain’s skellies, focus mainly on getting parry timing down.

Grab 1-2 revive potions, 3 shield potions, and a health potion or two. The main one you want is the shield potions, so if you don’t have many item slots then get mainly shield potions with 1 revive potion. Adjust these potions as needed depending on how the fight goes.

Now for the fight. In Phase 0, you are fighting The “Butcher”. Right as you enter the fight, be really quick and use a shield potion because he will swing right away and you don’t want to take damage right off the bat. To beat this phase, simply backpedal away from his attacks, then sprint forwards and punch before you run into him to use your quickdraw attack. Don’t get too close, you don’t need to as it has decent range. Shoot him down to initiate Phase 1.

How to Beat The Butchered (Phase 1)

Now you’re in Phase 1. Hopefully you’re not dead yet.

Be ready to backpedal as the animation plays. Basically, Phase 1 attacks consist of charging forwards and attacking, pounding one of the lanes from above, or vomiting. If you are caught in vomit, he will pound you and try to grab you. Do not let him eat you! Spam movement keys and punch to escape his grip, it isn’t too difficult with these gauntlets if you’re quick about it.

The attack that often gets me in Phase 1 is he’ll vomit on you, then backpedal a bit as if he’s going through the full windup for a charge attack, but instead lunges right away. If you’re not ready for it, this can be pretty brutal because if you’re caught off-guard and don’t recover quickly his followup attacks will pretty much finish you. Just be ready for this and parry him the second he lunges at you.

The main method to beat him up is to backpedal quickly but only enough to get out of his short attack range! If you keep backpedaling, he’ll charge and you won’t be able to parry if you’re still sprinting. Get just out of range, then wait for him to charge. When he does, parry him and get up to about 7? normal punches in. Early in the fight, when you’re getting used to this strategy, don’t go for too many and get out of the way until you’re consistently able to get out of the way just in time. Don’t try to change lanes during the fight, backpedaling is all you need. Be mindful of your shield status and health during the fight and replenish these as necessary. The second your shield goes down, get a new one up. Also, if you need to take a quick break, just go to the potion menu, which pauses the game, and get up and walk around.

Note that this method does take some time, be patient. If all goes well and you don’t mess up, you should get to Phase 2 relatively unharmed.

How to Beat The Butchered (Phase 2)

Almost there, that sweet victory button is oh-so-close!

The only difference I noticed between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is that in Phase 2, he prefers charging as a followup attack as opposed to pounding. He will still pound sometimes after vomiting but will more likely charge. This makes your job easier, as our strategy relies upon him charging.

Backpedal (not too much!), parry his charge, punch as much as you can, rinse and repeat.



If you got butchered, this section is for you. Unless you’re a really good player, you will probably lose once or twice. In fact, you probably have, seeing as you’re reading this guide.

  • Problem: You keep getting caught in vomit and pounded.
  • Solution: Get outta there! Don’t sit and wait to get an even meatier fist than yours to the head, dodge and parry and wriggle and wiggle until you’re at a safe distance. Remember not to backpedal too much, I can’t stress that enough.
  • Problem: You keep getting hit by his charges.
  • Solution: Don’t backpedal a single tile more than necessary. This is why I keep saying don’t keep sprinting backwards once you’re safe. You can’t parry while sprinting backwards and need to stop and be ready. It takes some practice but soon you’ll be escaping like the Suspicious Nightwatch Member.
  • Problem: You just can’t seem to win.
  • Solution: Practice practice practice. Be quick, and react to what you see happening, not what you think will happen. If you have a problem not listed here, let me know and I will add it.

Wrapping Up

If all went well, by this point, you should be through the Graveyard and onto the next level. Remember to hop off the tower and save.

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