Final Fantasy V – How to Uncap FPS

Trust me you want this if you have high refresh rate monitor.

Guide to Uncap FPS

The File

Link to download

How to Do It Yourself

  1. Get a Hex Editor.
  2. Edit gameassembly.dll in your FF5 game directory.
  3. Search for 33 d2 8d 4a 3c.
  4. Change the 3c value to 00 and save it.


  • You will have uncap fps, use riva tuner or something to limit to whatever you want.
  • 125/200 seems to be good but i can play at even 333 fine in most cases.
  • The higher you go the visuals are more smooth/less juddery but the menu inputs get way to fast
  • Also good idea to set borderless mode if you dont care about vsync (borderless has a ‘soft’ vsync anyway).

Seems like the menu inputs arent that fast anymore if you uncap the fps in most places.

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