First Sexy Night – 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Complete Walkthrough Guide


  • Start a new game and input any names (or press ENTER twice for default names).
  • Follow her
  • Err.. So what should we do?
  • Can’t say no to a beer
  • Stare at her butt.
  • I have a free morning as well, would be nice to stay longer.
  • Eggs
  • I do, it is one of my favourite movies!
  • I am ok, thanks
  • Save 1
  • Let’s have another beer


  • Too many beers
  • I want to get down on you and explore you with my tongue

Hungry Dan

  • Dan didn’t eat a big enough breakfast, he has to get something else now.
  • Save 2
  • Err, nothing
  • Save 3
  • No of course not

I Love You

  • Those words have been said..

Sometimes one has to go from behind

  • When a frontal approach doesn’t work, one might have to try going the other way around.

The End

  • From the evening, through the night up until the breakfast
  • Load Save 3
  • Hmm.. I just though you would be flattered.

Kicked Out

  • The evening ended sooner than it began
  • Load Save 2
  • To be honest, I was thinking about how does it feel to have your ♥♥♥♥ in someone’s mouth.
  • Just take it slowly

Taking it slow

  • Sometimes the fastest way to go is to go slowly.
  • Load Save 1
  • I want you so badly, I can’t wait!
  • I want to get down on you and explore you with my tongue

Hungry Dan stays hungry

  • Even though Dan didn’t eat enough, he’ll still remain hungry.

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