FPS Chess – Guide to Pieces Best Explained and Ranked

Pieces Best Explained and Ranked

Okay so basically your guides are mid so heres mine:

  • A-tier pieces are good pieces that require more skill and wisdom, as well as more specific circumstances.
  • S-tier pieces are great and reliable pieces that shine in almost any situation provided proper skill and courage.
  • Z-tier pieces are the best of the best, and outshine all else. Perfect for any situation and any matchup, the zenith of the board, but there is a fine line between courage and recklessness.


  • S-tier. Meet the Scout. One of the best pieces. Decent mobility allows for swift traversal and accurate yet quick shots allow for effective combat in any range. Can easily beat almost any piece if you know how to aim, when to block, and when to run. The backup pawn is a decent distraction and can also point you to the enemy if theyre trying to be sneaky. Like normal Chess, pawns are strongest in numbers. Just stay the ♥♥♥♥ off the King cus your sprint will not keep you out of his reach, and approach the Queen with caution.


  • S-tier. A very reliable piece that could be considered a sidegrade or debatably an upgrade to the Pawn. Instead of a sprint the swift dash allows you to quickly cover a long distance at the cost of a cooldown. The decent firing speed of arrows and the deadly headshot damage combined with the homing arrow make this class incredibly lethal, especially to a King. Your dash can keep you out of his reach and his pull will draw you straight to his head. When you need someone to kill a King, few are better than a Knight.


  • A-tier. A strong short-range piece with decent yet niche mobility uses. The Bishop’s holy hand grenade makes for great ranged damage to make up for the shotgun as well as incredible utility, allowing you to knock yourself or enemies into the air to get away with a glide or catch them off their guard and gun them down. A reliable class but starts to falter at distance. Be mindful of your fights and dont let the enemy get a distance advantage, use your grenades and glide to close the gap. Not much you can do but fling grenades at a Rook, and the Queen’s verticality and speed render your weapons largely useless. Be careful when engaging the King as you both have heavy short range damage, just keep off the sword at all costs.


  • A-tier. Meet the Sniper. The Rook can one-shot most pieces with a headshot, and the grappling hook allows you to escape to a high place perfect for sniping, and the wall allows you to make quick cover to block incoming fire that could prove fatal. Knowing when to go for a climb and when to drop a wall are vital to playing Rook. Generally be very wary of the Queen, her flight can effectively nullify your wall and can be used to catch up to you if you grapple. The King doesn’t pose as much threat so long as you can grapple away before he pulls you in.


  • Z-tier. The Queen is one of the dominant forces of your army. She can easily overpower any enemy and her health is unmatched. Her automatic rifle has insane DPS, and her flight allows her to outmaneuver any opponent, nullifying the strengths of the Rook and Bishop. There is no piece she can’t take, but do not be careless. A pawn or knight can definitely take a Queen if they know what they’re doing, it is often unwise to rush with her too quick unless the enemy King is left open. Be mindful and do not waste her, as if you are left without your Queen you are not likely to emerge victorious.

The King

  • S-tier. The King is your most important piece, and one of the hardest hitters. However, he is limited to a greatsword. No range. His plunging strike is incredibly useful to close the gap between himself and ranged pieces, and his tractor beam is his greatest strength. However, it can also be a weakness. Knights and Rooks insta-kill with headshots, and if theyre competent enough they can take advantage of your beam, so it may be better to go for a plunging strike. Do not be careless, for being left on cooldown while your enemy fires off at you can be the game-ender. Play him smart and effectively and he can take any piece, the Queen is your only major threat if you know what you’re doing.

There are no bad pieces. All are well balanced, the only reason Bishop and Rook are placed below the rest are because of their more specific roles and more clear weaknesses, but they still exceed in their intended purpose. The Queen, as per Chess tradition, is obviously the strongest, and honestly needs a health nerf. She can definitely blaze across the board for a quick checkmate, but it can be risky. Generally though she clears the rest easily unless you suck. The rest are S because they are strong enough to effectively take any class given the proper skill and sense. The Pawn and Knight are genuinely some of the best pieces on the board, Pawns are everywhere and very effective, plus can give you more Queens if the game goes long enough, and Knights are incredibly reliable all around, great infiltrators as in normal Chess and effective fighters at mid-range. I dont feel entirely right putting the King as high as the Knight and Pawn but he’s definitely above Bishop and Rook, and I also don’t want them any lower because they’re still good and a B-tier feels too low for them, so I’d say more specifically Bishop and Rook are A+ while the King is S-.

Overall though a lot of it comes down to skill and aim. Putting the right pieces in the right battles is not the sole factor in any duel. Positioning is good but aim is just as important. Guard the King at all costs, the fewer fights hes in the better.

Now that you know how each piece fares on the field, go out there and do your best, and remember, never go into a battle worrying about your piece’s weaknesses, focus on its strengths against theirs, but always be mindful. Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it.

Written by TheWither129


  1. I think the best piece is the rook when you have skill because if you get a head shot you will win and after 1-3 hours of playing the rook will be the best its range is one of the best meaning if you get away at the start of the game you just have to have good aim. The wall does not help much because the enemy can go around it and the wall is not the strongest. The grabbing hook is op because at the start you can escape out the window very fast or get on the book shelf. This piece if used with some skill is S+ tier

  2. FYI – The rook can easily wipe your opponent if you get a headshot at the very beginning; A headshot from the sniper at any range is a 1-hit kill to all pieces.

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