Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted – How to Force Game to Launch in SteamVR

It took a while to solve the problem for me, but i did it and now i dont want anyone to suffer with it. Quick 1 minute solution.


Yeah that’s right, we’re jumping right into it.

  • 1) Open your local files, you should know how to do it, if you somehow don’t, here’s the guide:
  • 2) Go to FNAFVRHelpWanted\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty.
  • 3) Delete the Oculus folder.
  • 4) Ur good to go.

Image guide how to get to the needed folder:

Written by moseechev

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  1. I’ve been looking for a fix to this issue for such a long time. Been meaning to record the game and it looked totally pixelated being played normally on Oculus and I hated how it wouldn’t let me play in SteamVR with the ability for a smoother display playback. I tried finding any solution to play in Steam occasionally for a long time. Finally found this one and it worked. Thank you so much. I know this is old but still, I’m super thankful.

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