Forbidden Dojo – Walkthrough & Achievement Guide


  • Start
  • Input any name or press ENTER
  • Yes.

Ready or not
You accepted the reality of the situation

  • Any option x2

You weren’t meant to see that
See something you weren’t meant to see

  • Any option x3
  • She has great tits.

Learned something useful
Be crass when asked a question

  • Any option
  • No, I’m fine.

Master of your domain
Turn down a girl’s offer

  • Any option
  • Yes please. (Handjob)

Helping hand
Accept a helping hand

  • Well she’s a little handsy…
  • I’m up for anything. (Footjob)

Off on the right foot
Accept something a bit unconventional

  • Any option
  • I do. (Handjob)

I do
Confess your feelings to Akiko

  • Any option
  • How about some hand action? (Handjob)
  • It’s a good idea.
  • Any option
  • Suck me. (Blowjob)

Mouth watering
Serve someone a delicious meal

  • Any option x2
  • If you think it’ll help. (Blowjob).
  • Any option x2
  • So? (Titjob).

Get it off your chest
Something that has been burdening you is no longer a worry

  • Any option
  • Martial arts
  • Any option x2
  • That’s not what I meant. (Sex)

Going all the way
You went all the way

  • Now? (Sex)
  • No thanks.
  • Any option x4
  • Let’s do it. (Footjob/Blowjob).

Triple Threat
Invite a third character to join in

  • Any option
  • No ꜰᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ today.
  • I’m a little turned on now. (Anal)

A special occasion
Don’t enter through the front door

  • Any option
  • I’m not sure.
  • Save 1
  • I can’t help it. (Sex)
  • Save 2
  • Kiss her. (Blowjob/Sex)
  • Save 3
  • I will kill you.

The path of harmony
You followed the path of harmony

  • Load 3
  • I will join you

The path of evil
You followed the path of evil

  • Load 2
  • Interrupt her.
  • I will kill you.

The path of magic
You followed the path of magic

  • Load 1
  • It must be the cold.
  • Save 4
  • Kiss her. (Blowjob/Sex)
  • I will kill you.

The path of the warrior
You followed the path of the warrior

  • Load 4
  • Interrupt her.
  • I will kill you.

The path of solitude
You followed the path of solitude

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