Forever Skies – How to Unlock the 25 Slot Storage Box (Spoilers)

How to find the blueprint for the 25 slot storage box in the current (early access launch) version of the game. Some story spoilers.

Guide to Unlock the 25 Slot Storage Box (Spoilers)


To get to the blueprint for the box you will need to have completed up to the current ending of the early access launch version of the game.Basically if you have crafted the hypothermia booster at the under dust elevator you can acquire this box.

Finding the Box

As mentioned, you will need to be on the last mission, after crafting the hypothermia booster. Out of the elevator turn left.

Then keep following left.

When you get out into the street, go right.

On the left if you haven’t already, extract the metal panel with the hand extractor, and proceed through, past the the hypothermia plant, the box to scan is on your left.

Congrats, enjoy your massively expanded storage solution (When you need it the least..)!


  1. Very nice! I am tired of having little boxes and random stuff all over the floor in my ship. I knew I was missing things in the dust. Guess I need to fly back over there. I was annoyed that I crafted a second air tank, and it did nothing to extend my time in the dust and I was all out of batteries for the air stations.

  2. Oh no, I didn’t find them :O Can you still find them somehow when you’ve already flown away from this place?

    • Yes fly back and if you have been away long enough the basic resources will have re-spawned, crystals, etc. you can re-craft the booster by finding more virus components

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