Freedom Planet 2 – Vinyl Locations Guide (Specific Stages)

I’ll try my best in this guide to show you the location of all the vinyls in each stage.

Guide to Locations of Vinyl

Dragon Valley

You have to encounter this three plants near the bridge then head up.

Over there you’ll find two platforms and a trampoline, keep going up.

You’ll see a sign and a bridge, keep going up!

While going up you might notice 2 trampolines, use them to the destination.

You must notice 2 enemies and a crystal orb, easily just jump to the left.

There you go! Your first Vinyl, oh boy this will be long…

Phoenix Highway

First you gotta need to reach this point where you’ll find a building with a warning sign.

Next to it there’s a moving platform, take it and move to the right.

Once there, you have to head up somehow, good luck!

You’ll find 2 drills, keep going up.

Over there you’ll find a chest but that’s not what are we looking for, take the moving drill!

Once you had taken the moving drill, just keep running.

And you can take the moving drill again, doesn’t matter if it’s up or down.

Again, keep running!

You’ll find a boost platform , take it and go to the left.

Over there you’ll find a super trampoline, use it then just keep moving sticking to the wall.

You have to enable the 3 switches to open them, but the one we are seeking is the middle one.

You can pick up the three chests if you want, the one in the middle is the one that has a vinyl!

Shenlin Park

When you reach to the ship section, just go forward.

Yeah you heard me, keep going forward but not too fast.

When you reach this section, slow down and just head down.

Once you’re down there, you found the vinyl, as easy as that eh?

Avian Museum

For this part you need to be on the.. virtual zone? Just notice these disappearing block pattern, head right.

If you see a petal flower on the ceiling, you’re good, keep going.

Pass these annoying blocks and try not to get swallowed by.

Over here you’ll notice a super trampoline, use it.

On the first section when you just used the super trampoline, head left.. there’s the big prize.

This one wasn’t too hard am I right?

Airship Sigwada

For this part you have to reach that door with 6 or more locks, open it and go forward.

Get on the platform and wait for a propeller platform, grab on tightly and go up.

When you get all the way up, just head left and you’ll find the treasure chest! Woohoo…

Tiger Falls

For this one you’ll have to get out of the waterfall in this exact place and head left.

Over there you’ll see a waterfall, head up! You’ll find 2 chests but we only want 1.

Pick up that vinyl and let’s keep moving onto the next one, buddy!

Robot Graveyard

This one might be very tricky to find, first of all, try reaching this exact spot, good luck finding it.

Then go up, once you’re up there, head right for a bit and go up again.

There will be a grinder, be careful and pass through it.

On the other side, jump and go up.

Then head right, don’t speed up now.

There’s the vinyl, nice work.

Shade Armory

Over here you have to open a big door, you’ll notice the spot.

Keep going right, then let yourself drop down.

Once you’re underwater, go over there.

When you reach this spot, you can go upper left or right, doesn’t matter.

If you didn’t drown: congratulations, you got a vinyl!

Zao Land

Once you reach to this bridge, when the baseball bat bot strikes at you, go to the left.

As simple as that, you got a free vinyl for suviving the baseball ball.

Globe Opera 1

You have to notice these two speakers and some bomb walls, head a bit right and go all the way up.

What’s the next step? Climb or find a better way to reach this spot.

And there you have it, the showstopper vinyl everyone is wanting to have.

Globe Opera 2

When you enter the Dragon Valley door, you’ll have to reach near the Plug, over here you have to go left, where there are trampolines.

Find a way to go up here, I know you can do it.

The prize should be over there, go pick it up.

Tidal Gate

For this one, make sure you’re on the second zone, underwater section, find these 2 enemies, then head right.

If you find this jellyfish, swin your way up.

Use this water tornado to go way up, then when you’re up, head to your right again.

And there you have it, a fish-smelling vinyl.

Zulong Jungle

Be careful over here as missiles will be coming over you, find this mushroom and this geiser, use it.

When you reach the second geiser, use it and head to the left.

Just keep going slowly and hop on the next platform, the chest of war is over here.

Nalao Lake

I’ll take this seriously now on, okay! You must find these 2 surging robot zombies and a flying machine, head right.

When you’re on the right platform, make sure you’ll notice this flying crystal orb, as you might need to head right a bit.

Then you need to jump and notice this super trampoline, use it and reach the forbidden fountain.

Make sure you grab this holder ring.

When the holder ring takes you up, just climb the wall until you get on top of there, beat that bird.

Or just go right and climb the other wall over there.

There will be even another bird up there, beat it up too! by the way you might want to jump to the right but speed up a bit, as you can fall.

And there we have it, the forbidden chest with a vinyl on it!

Magma Starcape

Alright, for this vinyl right here, make sure you find this spot and this walking burning enemy, if you find it then that means you’re good, head to your left.

Jump over here and position yourself on the edge of the platform.

Make sure you find a way to reach to your left, since you need to jump really high or use any special.

And there we have it, the chest with a.. melted vinyl?

Gravity Bubble

You have to find this moving platform and some booster on a big bubble, go up.

You might want to keep going up, boost yourself over this tiny space.

Make sure not to drown, else you won’t get the prize.

Sky Bridge

Alright, you need to reach the turbines places and go all the way left, you must find these exact 2 turbines and a wall, jump and get on the platform.

Once you’re on the platform, let yourself drop down.

When you’re down there, you should make sure you’ll see a super trampoline and a booster for the character you’re using, then position yourself over here.

You’ll need to jump and reach that floating platform.

When you reach the floating platform there will be a fan, use it to spin your way to the treasure.

Did you said speeen?

Turn left and there’s the vinyl my windy fellow.

Lightning Tower

Reach to the trail and once you reach this spot, turn left.

As simple as sneezing, you got the chest with a vinyl included.

Ancestral Forge…

I’ve had troubles on this one as the vinyl never appeared, but I’ll make a guess, at the last puzzle of Fire and Water, turn this lava into water and swim it all the way up.

Then when you reach at top, there’s a platform on the right, jump and climb that all the way up again.

I wish this is the chest, or else I’ll burn to the ground.

Bakuwana Rush

You have to reach this place where you use a booster, make sure you’re right, but go left.

On the left side, you’ll find a trampoline, use it and keep running to the other side.

You’ll find a mounted drill, use it to open your way to the chest, when you’re done, come back to the drill and go inside the place where the blocks were blocking the chest.

I dunno how can I breathe in space or how my tail is bugged but I got a vinyl!

Clockwork Arboretum

You have to reach the 5th floor, when you’re there, just jump the platforms.

Yup there’s another platform, jump it again.

That was a piece of cake, we didn’t ran out of time.

Inverse Dynamo

Find the launching path, don’t take it, just go to the right.

You will notice serpent blocks, use them and they will lead you to the treasure.

There you have it, no more searching like an insane snake!

Lunar Cannon

Find yourself over 4 or 5 crushers, let yourself drop down.

Once down, head to your left.

At the edge of that direction, jump and use that weird-looking gravitational ring and go up.

Once you’re up, go to your left and you’ll get the last vinyl!

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  1. For Tidal Gate with Milla, I found the Vinyl in the second section (swimming area). After the section where there are 2 fans on a lawer route and some spike spinning enemies on the upper route, find a Jellyfish above a raised section of the ground, and then go up. Ride the waterspout up, then go right.

  2. I like the current format. It worked for me well, short information that doesn’t force me to pause every 15 seconds to check the guide. I can play normally and look for the part that matters.

  3. Right now I am play Milla too, soon going to Magma Starcape and see if is in the same place I found it, Is weird in Tidal Gate and Magma has changes, The Rest were in the exact location you show with Lilac or Carol(100% with Lilac) except those two.

  4. Playing Lilac, Magma Starcape was before shown location, a bit to the left… actually you run around the chest on your way up, it will hit you in the eyes leaving you wondering how to get to it. Went a bit ahead to the left of it, let myself fall down collapsing platform and there I found the entrance to it.

    Also, for some reason, I got vinyl on Lunar Cannon but game didn’t check it… now every time I get there, its not there anymore :/

  5. Tiger Falls is very hard to get as Lilac but it is possible. Just have to position your dragon boost very specifically.

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