FutaDomWorld – How to Last on the Normal Difficultly

This guide is an easy one to follow. It will be a mindless jog in the park. This will help you earn money from the School, to the gym, all the way up to the Rusty Starfish which takes 50 days to do so.

Guide to to Last on the Normal Difficultly

Some Other Stuff Before We Begin

There is another way to make money, but it will cost you knowledge, I don’t recommend it. But to do it you go to the Rec Center, and go to the art class, sometimes there won’t be a model there so you can offer to do it. But again it will cost you knowledge.

Another thing you can do at the Rec Center is dealing with your appearance where you go into the yoga class, But once again that will cause you to lose knowledge.

As a reminder this is just to get you through the normal difficulty, to no longer deal with taxes and avoid the 2 goddess days. It takes up 50 days to go from getting paid by the school all the way up to getting paid by the Rusty Starfish.

Maybe in the future I might do a guide on how to talk to the other girls and get their meter up so you can get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ by them. Now if you want to just explore on your own with no risk of losing money and stats then choose the easy difficulty.

Also you can go to the shady guy at the Park and buy some Futa Energy drink (warning drinking 3 bottles in one day will cause a game over, so only take 2 bottles a day), Low Grade Spermicide or High Grade Spermicide. This is recommended to do only after Day 50 because you want to use your money for your rent, the taxes, that one date with Vicky, and that one date with Suni.

but the number 1 important thing even though this is a guide SAVE YOUR GAME PLAY never ever forget to save it is very important.

If you have anything to add to this 50 day guide, please do add a comment. I want to know what you’ve done.

Day 1-10

This guide is an easy one to follow. It will be a mindless jog in the park. Now I’ll also be clear at a certain point I found out I no longer had to do taxes and only pay up for rent, I have no clue if this is because I paid for the badge or if because I ended up being “tamed by Suni and Sara.

Day 1 – You will pay the full $400 for rent, then you go to School to take the basic lesson in Anal and Oral. After that go to the Pub so you can meet Vicky. Choose “refuse” and Vicky will come to save you. You will want to thank her of course. Then sleep for Day 2. Btw I’ll say this now, it’s best to get +3 when you take the lesson at school so on the first day it’s 3, on the 3rd day it’s 6, on the 5th day it’s 9 then on the 7th day it’s at 10. You want to do this for each lesson where you get the max stats from learning. Also click the apple 3 times (I think it was 3) and you get a blowjob from underneath the desk.

Day 2 – You will go to School and become the teacher “helper” this for now will be the main source of income. After that you go to the Pub to talk to Vicky. When you talk to her choose “Bottom up” you will fail the hidden check, but that’s all fine. After that choose “Race you” then go to sleep.

Day 3 – It’s the same as day 1 where you go to School to learn then go to sleep, you will repeat this learning process until you hit master for anal and oral. which then you can go to the Gym to then work on your appearance stats. The reason for this is so when you’re at max to learn Oral and Anal at School you can take on a higher job at school. Just so you make enough to pay rent and taxes, while also working out on your appearance stats.

Day 4 – You go to School to earn money then off to the Pub to talk to Vicky, you can choose either choice, but I think it’s best to choose “(knowledge > 45)”. After that it’s off to bed.

Day 5 – You know the drill go to School and learn then off to bed

Day 6 – Go to School to earn money then off to the Pub to talk to Vicky. Choose “Oh gosh” then sleep

Day 7 – It is time to pay up male taxes. Claudia will appear and demand you pay up your male taxes. You can either pay in double ($200) or pay the regular ($100) and let her ♥♥♥♥ you. If you let her ♥♥♥♥ you, you do gain anal stats, but you lose out on knowledge stats. Honestly this is your choice, but for me I paid doubled then continued on to School to learn. Then go to sleep.

Day 8 – Your Anal and Oral stats should be 10 or at least 1 or 2 points above to now get paid a little bit more and for the next lesson to be unlocked as well. But as usual, get paid this time under the basic choice, afterwards go to the Pub to talk to Vicky, then sleep.

Day 9 – Take the advance lesson and as like before, keep hitting the back button until you hit the highest stat the game will give for the lesson (which is +6 ), then off to bed.

Day 10 – Go to School to get paid, go talk to Vicky at the Pub. You will now be on your first date with Vicky, for the first choice, choose “offer to pay” then the next choice after that is free game. Then choose “Absolutely. The Glendale Apartment building” (had to make two errors for me to know which one was the right answer). After you take her to bed, you now go to bed.

Day 11-20

Day 11 – School then sleep it’s that basic at this point even though you might be hitting the back to get the highest stats the game will give you.

Day 12 – School to get paid then Pub to talk to Vicky. Your Oral should be past 15 by this point. So go ahead and give it to her. The game will automatically make you go to sleep.

*BTW I hope you’ve been saving or quick saving, you don’t want to make a the wrong choices where not even the back button can save you.

Day 13 – Go to School for your lesson then sleep.

Day 14 – It is now rent time. you are given the same choices like last time, pay up the full rent or negotiate. If you pay the full rent then that’s $400 taken out, if you negotiate then you will be giving Betty a rimjob then a blowjob. You then choose to either swallow or spit, if you swallow you still pay the $400 and lose 10 points in knowledge, if you spit then you still lose $400 either way you’re not getting a discount. You’re going to lose $400. But now you are also told about Goddess day, and this is why you want to talk to Vicky to warm her up when the day do come, then after that you will want to go to the park so you can talk to Suni. Goddess day happens every month done by the Church where they organize a giant festival to celebrate the Goddess for creating males. But Betty won’t tell you when it will happen because it’s to prevent males from hiding. She does hint that it happens within the next 11 to 21 days. So it will happen between Day 25-35. But I’m here to help out on that. Now that’s all over, go to school earn your money, talk to Vicky. This is your second time out with her now, Well kinda, I guess you can say giving her the blowjob would count as the second time out, but you’re still at the pub when it happen. Any way, go and choose “Like a Whale!” (I know it sounds like that shouldn’t be the right one, but it makes her happy when you choose that one). You will fail the hidden check, that’s fine. After that it’s sleep time.

Day 15 – Go to School to learn by now, your anal should be either at 30 or at least somewhere around 35. Now that your lesson is over, go to sleep.

Day 16 – You can know take the advance payment, good job. This means more money in your pockets. Just know after doing your job Mallory will walk up to you, avoid her, the distraction for this is at 100% use it. Now you can either continue your focus on Vicky or you can go to the City Center Then head into Stay’s store to buy a lingerie which cost $350, now taxes are due in 5 days, if you go and pay for the lingerie then the store keeper Stacy will ♥♥♥♥ you and you will lose $350 and lose 10 in knowledge. To get your knowledge back up you will go to school and take lesson in the futa class, which cost energy and money. Depending on what route you took just as long as you go to the Pub to talk to Vicky, choose “hell yes” then “oh giiiiiirl”. From here you have two choices, if you bought the lingerie then you can go down that route, if not then choosing the other choice is also okay too. If you have chosen the lingerie then choose to shake your ass it’s okay you’ll have a failed hidden stat, it’s all good. then after that you choose “goodness no!” (you do the same even if you didn’t have on the lingerie on).

Again your Oral should be in the 30’s by this point so you can choose “(Oral > 25)” Now you might be unlucky where your Oral isn’t past or at least at 35 again it’s all good, just choose “stop sucking”. If I recall it didn’t matter, but just go ahead and choose “Don’t sweat it”. After that the girl you meet at the pub who you refused who you find out name is Rye comes to your house (because you leave your keys under the mat) just choose “sorry, I’m not for sale” then choose “(knowledge > 70)”. After that the next day will come. (Depending on what you chosen to do to not buy the lingerie or not, your knowledge will still be 100 if you didn’t buy it or at 90 if you did. I did mentioned how you can gain your knowledge back to avoid getting a game over, and to also be able to choose certain choices. Also you can end the game a little bit quicker here since the next time you go to Vicky she will tell you to meet at her place, it just depend on what you decide to do. in order to end the game sooner, you will need to get that $1000 or just go up to Vicky place and not pay. If you give her the money you get a good ending with her. If you choose not to give her the money you will get a bad ending with her. It’s your choice if you take the money from Rye or you can grind for the money yourself. Either way you’ll end the game here if you choose to go to her apartment to make that choice to pay or not.)

Day 17 – Go to School, because it’s time for the master class keep hitting that back button until you get a +9 for both lessons you will keep doing it until you can no longer take the class. Then off to bed.

Day 18 – Go to School to get paid, now instead of going to the Pub where Vicky will tell you to go to her apartment room, instead you will go to the Park and talk with the girl on the bench (her name is Shauna), then talk to the girl who is no longer with the other person that was standing next to her. Choose “That sounds nice” then choose “…I like sports?” and go to sleep.

Day 19 – Go to School for your lesson. Then sleep.

Day 20 – Go to school to get paid then sleep, you won’t go to Suni yet, not until you can start working out to get your appearance up to 25.

Day 21-30

Day 21 – Claudia will now come in and let you know the tax will now cost $200, so you pay the regular $200 or the extra $400 again either way she will ♥♥♥♥ you on this day. It’s better to just go ahead and pay up the $200 over the $400 because you’re going to lose knowledge either way. After that go to school and take your last lesson in anal and oral class. which will now allow you to do the master paying job. After your lesson is over, go to sleep.

Day 22 – Go to School to get your money then go to sleep.

Day 23 – Go to the Gym and start working out, like before you want the highest stat which starts out with +3, you’ll be doing it twice at the gym since you can no longer take any lessons at School, But don’t worry once you get to Masters on the work out, you’ll talk to Draga who’s on the far right of the gym where you can get paid more than what you did at the school. You won’t be able to do it the next day and will have to wait until your appearance is at 10. For now you’ll be working on your appearance and going to School for money until Day 26 where you can go ahead and talk to Draga and earn money there at the gym. Since your workout is all done, you’re going to head to bed for Day 24.

Day 24 – Go to School for money then once again sleep.

Day 25 – Hit that Gym, get the two +3 for appearance then sleep.

Day 26 – Your appearance should now be 12, go talk to Draga and begin your first job at the Gym. Then sleep, Again you won’t go talking to Suni not until your appearance is at 25 or more.

Day 27 – It is now Goddess day, This is now the day you go to the Pub (it will say Bar) for your safety. But just know after the first day you are not safe to go to the Pub, you will lose stats in Anal if you go to the Pub and I think knowledge too. (I forgot if you did lose knowledge or not I’m very sorry). You will want to choose “I’m smart enough to NOT go to MREA” after that choose “The Bar” (don’t fast click on the dialog box, you might miss the choice and choose something else), and Vicky will save you only this once.

Day 28 – pay your rent then go off to continue your appearance workout aiming for a +6 now, then sleep.

Day 29 – Go to the Gym, talk to Draga to get money, then sleep. I will say this now that Sally might come up to you after you finish doing your job to ♥♥♥♥ you. choose the distraction like before at the school. You don’t want to lose points on knowledge.

Day 30 – Go to the Gym to workout, you’ll do the advance only once because you should have been aiming for the +6 each day, which on this day will have you do the advance once then the master once, aim for the +9. Then sleep.

Day 31-40

Day 31 – Go to the Gym to talk to Draga for money, you can now do Gorilla, after getting paid, go to the Park to talk to Suni. Say “sure!” then choose “If Money > 50”), After that select “Look, a loon!” then choose “…not…really…” lastly pick “(If Physique > 25)”. Now you can go to bed for the next day.

Day 32 – Go to the Gym and keep aiming for that +9 then go to bed.

Day 33 – Go to the Gym and talk to Draga to get the Gorilla job money. After that go to the park talk to Suni. Choose “Definitely!” then choose “mm. Yeah” then you can choose either choice. Once that is over, go to sleep.

Day 34 – Go to the Gym for your workout then sleep.

Day 35 – Claudia is back, but she won’t force herself on to you, not until in 2 weeks. So for now pay the double then go to the gym for your paycheck, but before you do, choose “(If Physical stats > 60)” which it should be by this point, because you’ve been aiming for that +9 on masters. Now that you are in the back room you will continue out with your oral and anal training, but not today, today you go get money by talking to Draga and choosing “clumsy”. After that you go to the Park to talk to Suni and choose “(If Knowledge > 75)”, Then you choose “(If Knowledge > 70)” Because you don’t want Sally hurting you or Suni. To make Suni feel better choose “Futa and…men” after all that go to sleep.

Day 36 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom then start your Oral and Anal training, remember do once of both of them and aim for the highest stat which starts with +3. Once that’s done, go to sleep.

Day 37 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom and get paid, then go talk to the Park to talk to Suni. choose “(If Knowledge > 80)” next pick “Did you guys ever talk again?” Once that’s all over go to sleep.

Day 38 – You know the drill, go to the Gym, in to the Backroom, then work on your Oral and Anal. After that it’s sleep time.

Day 39 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom for payment, then off to the Park to talk to Suni. She’s riding you tonight. After that bed time.

Day 40 – Yes Gym, then Backroom for training, finally bed.

Day 41-50

Day 41 – Go to the Gym to get paid in the Backroom, then to the Park and talk to Suni (I don’t know about you, but with the gameplay I was on, I had a total of $2,880 and rent was going to be due. So I didn’t go for the $2,500 upgrade just yet. You might be lucky and have the money for both rent and upgrade. To upgrade your room, you click the laptop and take the first option. the second will be obtainable when you’re at the next job.).

Day 42 – Pay your rent, go to the Gym into the Backroom to work on your Anal and Oral, then sleep.

Day 43 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom, and get paid then go to the Park talk to Suni (where this time I did go for the $2,500 upgrade. Then sleep.).

Day 44 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom to continue your training, trust me, we are not done yet. After that go to sleep.

Day 45 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom and get paid. Now Draga might trigger and have this BBW Futa start using you on the bike, where she wants to keep using you without a condom. talk your way out of it, you should have a 90% chance of getting out. After that go to the Park to talk to Suni. This time Suni will have you meet up with her partner Sara. She will want to know everything about you, choose “I was a child” then choose “Ma’am, I love her.” After that go to sleep.

Day 46 – Go to the Gym, into the Backroom, keep on training.

Day 47 – go to the Gym, into the Backroom to get paid, then off to the Park to talk to Suni. choose “You’re some kind of” then say “I want Suni to bind me” After that either choice is a good choice. For the next choice if you choose either one,you still end up ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sara, and Suni is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you. After that sleep, (now if you have chosen to say “Yes” to Sara and not “You’re some kind” then after that any choices will cause the game to end, you will still get the scene where Suni is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you and you’re ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sara, but the game will end with you and Suni doing a ice skating competition where she comes in first and you come in third).

Day 48 – go to the Gym to keep training. Also if you paid attention to the notification bell, you notice that you no longer have to pay taxes. The reason is that you are now bind to Suni. You only now have to pay out for rent every 2 weeks. Now that training is done, you can go ahead and go to sleep.

Day 49 – go to the Gym, go get paid, then go to the City Center, go down to the left and click on the star, that is the Rusty Starfish. Talk to Irene, she will do an Anal and Oral check on you, for me the oral was 87 and anal was 100 so I got a pass on it. You should too by this point along with your knowledge being 90. you will ask Irene “So, What’s the pay”, then say “never mind” and go to sleep.

Day 50 – Well congratulations, you’re bind to a futa which means any future Goddess day that pops up (it will happen again on day 54) you’re saved by Suni and Sara, you no longer have to pay up male taxes, and you can earn more money at the Rusty Starfish. Now anytime you work at the Rusty Starfish, you might have a Jane (The slang for a futa that takes a male prostitute home) and you will want to choose spit, because swallowing futa’s ♥♥♥ or taking it up the ass, will make you lose knowledge, and when you do return from the Jane’s home, Irene will ask you on where you’ve been, talk out of it, which means you offer to give her a rimjob. But from here on out, you’re now free to cap off your oral, anal, and appearance stats. Just as long as you keep going to the job either every day or once a day you’re fine, You can even go to work every day so you can buy the last upgrade to your room.

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