PlateUp! – Tips, Tricks and Helpful Info

Just a quick handful of things I wish I knew earlier.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Combiner works on the sink in a slightly different way, if you want water for dough. You basically just set it adjacent to a sink and point the blue arrows towards the sink, if I understand correctly.
  • The tray doesn’t seem to want to pick up 2 clean dishes, if held (huge bummer).
  • Blueprint desk, discount desk, and Copy desk upgrade into one another on a cycle: Copy>blueprint>discount, I believe. research desk will upgrade to a random of the 3, though
  • Autoplater will not feed plates into an adjacent platerack.
  • Autoplater also seems to only actually hold 3 plates, not 4.
  • Customers will grab their orders off of a conveyor belt, if it is adjacent to their table ) – and you can artificially increase the profile of said table, while maintaining a small customer capacity for it….see next bullet point).
  • The “use key/button” can be used on the green chairs to remove or place them back, and the “pick-up/drop” button can rotate the chairs to be counted at a different adjacent table, where applicable. if you put 2 of the tables flush together, it will create a bigger table – but you can also pare the bigger table back down to a 1 or 2 top, and utilize the table’s bigger profile to make it easier to get a conveyor belt to the customers, as I believe it will all act as the table…so you have an easier time making it adjacent to things (like a conveyor belt, or the half-walls that let kitchen staff access tables/counters on the other side).
  • For pizza, oil can be placed in a sink, then you can grab flour and “double tap” the sink to immediately get your flour to the flat round dough state. it also frees up the oil counter to be used as a normal counter (including chopping stuff on it).
  • If you have two of the same item in the garage warehouse thing, you can exchange those two for a new random item, instead of needing 3.
Written by Muice Knuckle

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