GALAK-Z – How to Obtain Both Broken Achievements

Solution how to get broken achievements in Galak-Z.

Total Annihilation and Hoarder Achievements Guide


After the last patch some achievements in Galak-Z are glitched or impossible to get. In most cases glitched ones can be obtained with some workarounds, but the broken ones are just broken.

Some players managed to get them, but I have no idea how. I tried so many times get Hoarder achievement in many different ways (even in Void mode) without luck. Same story with Total Annihilation.

So, I gave up… until one of the users gave me an idea that I can use debugger and fix the code myself.

It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to fix the problem, and the solution it’s not perfect, but it works! All you have to do is replace one file in game folder.

Now you can beat Galak-Z with 100% achievements.


You can download patch file here.

Just unpack it to the folder:

  • …Steam\steamapps\common\Galak-Z\Galak-Z_Data\Managed\

and overwrite the original file “Assembly-CSharp.dll”. You can make copy of the original file to restore it later for any reasons.

How to trigger achievements

Total Annihilation

The Total Annihilation achievement works like the description says “Kill every enemy in a single Mission in Season 4”. Choose one mission and make sure you’ve killed all your enemies (you can make few circles around the map to be sure).


For Hoarder achievements you need to get 5000 scrap in one single mission! It’s not that hard, especially in Season 3 and 4 but for better results be sure to get upgrade +50% for salvage.

The reason you have to get it in one single mission is because there is something wrong with the game code and I can’t figure it out. From my observations, the game does not record the amount of salvage earned correctly. I eventually remodel whole class for Hoarder achievement to compare salvage acquired in one mission to 5000 on mission complete screen. Therefore, this only works for one mission, not a season. However, it is still a legit way to earn this achievement.

Remember that in Galak-Z you earn achievements when you exit the game.

Good luck!

Written by Tech-Priest STX

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