The Forgotten City – A Criminal Walkthrough (Law Abiding Citizen Achievement)

How to get an achievement for obeying the law while simultaneously committing homicide.

Walkthrough to Obtain Law Abiding Citizen Achievement


Law Abiding Citizen

  • Finish the game without looping through time once

The Details

Step 1

Start a new game, and pick the Soldier character. This gives you a semi-automatic handgun as a starting item, and ten bullets to use with it.

Step 2

Head to the time portal and travel back into the past.

Step 3

Don’t bother engaging with Galerius (the first character you encounter after stepping out of the portal) at all. Just shoot him in the head, and break the golden rule.

Step 4

Wait around, and make sure not to get killed by any of the Dwemer Centurions golden statues with bows.

Step 5

When Sentius finally gets his geriatric behind up the hill, shoot him as well, and create a time paradox. The game will treat this as you having completed the game without looping once, despite it also being the route to one of the bad endings.

Step 6

Return to the present, meet with Al, and become trapped for eternity in a dead city.

Step 7

Get the achievement for finishing the game without looping once, which is called “Law-abiding Citizen”. Congrats! You’re a law-abiding murderer!

Note: But seriously, this is legitimately the fastest way to complete the game, although you miss out on so much. Really hoping this lives up to the original Skyrim mod; I just started playing this and it’s amazing how the mod devs have turned a quest mod for the world’s most popular RPG into an original title).

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