Garden Galaxy – Guide to Coin Sorting Method

My system explained below may have spoiler content.

Coin Sorting Method

I focused on my first play-trough to get everything unlocked in the book and getting all achievement, great way to learn the mechanics of the game.

Then i converted my whole world back to nothing and put everything in boxes, and now i’m making a sort of coin conversion system, to get a clean start like the first beginning of the game but with all the potential unlocked for getting creative building.

Still farming the “old books” that i use as signs in front of boxes to now what’s inside the box for sorting.

After getting all the books and my sort method is ready i will save my savefile (just in case), then i can almost certainly predict what i’m going to get because of the altars farming that i did in the first playtrough.

So addictive game, i love it.

Still working on getting every piggy bank and books, in the boxes i put the coins and the piggy banks reserve for each coin to make, more piggy banks can you make with placing the piggy bank of choice on the altars, the more the better chance for this item.

My coin sorting method after the first playthrough

Written by Salithra


  1. This is so satisfying! my only problem with storing coins in boxes is that you can only take one out at a time, unless there is a way to take multiple out that I don’t know of, if so them perfection!

  2. You need to flip those silver pigs around in that box so they face the other direction before I lose my mind.

    • Yes i know, i also have ocd … LOL … but it’s not possible to turn every piggy back the way i want, i want in the boxes the same rotation as in front of the boxes but not possible without the boxes looking the same directions, if you catch my drift …

      The silver pig is now looking the right direction, he was kissing the gold one, but they done now

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