Garden of the Sea – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Garden of the Sea getting updates?

  • Yes! Totally. We are working hard on the game and updates are incoming! We are hoping to release updates at least once every couple months, but some patches and updates are bigger than others so hang tight – more content and gameplay is incoming!

Why Early Access?

  • We want the development process to be a collaboration between our team and the community, to help players feel like this is their game, not just a finished piece of software that they purchase. This game has been an evolution from day one and we think the game will benefit a lot from getting as many different types of players involved in creating the world as possible.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

  • We are aiming for under a year of being in early access production, but if our community comes up with TONS of crazy awesome ideas for us to add in (and we can afford to stay in production of course!) we will keep releasing content updates even after we leave early access.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

  • Fishing, Feeding, Plant and Creature Breeding, New Islands with more plants, recipes, puzzles, new creatures, and unlockable quests… oh and more systemic and creative crafting! Those are most of the systems we would like to flesh out and build for the full version of the game!

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

  • Right now we have implemented plant growing on a base selection of plants including climbing plants, root vegetables, and a few leafy plants. We have also built an initial crafting system, along with a recipe system to support that. We have also built a creature system that currently boasts not one but TWO(!!) creatures using this initial AI to navigate and do minimal interactions with the player. We have also implemented a first pass on the boat locomotion system, as well as one “quest” with an unlockable recipe as a reward. We’ve also been working a lot on the art style and think it has a good foundation now for building more content within.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

  • We plan to raise the price as we add significant content updates and new features or systems.

Will this game get smooth locomotion?

  • Yes. Eventually! It’s on our (long) list of things “to do”!

Where can I see a list of what is coming up in future patches?

  • Look no further! Here is a list of all the upcoming features and additions (this is more like an overview, not like… super detailed list): Fishing mechanic, starter fish types with resources they provide, new aquatic plants and corals. Painting system for customizing interior and crafted items. Save system overhaul, new boat miniquests, optional miniquests for introducing fishing and painting mechanics. New pet, deeper animal interactions (gradually liking you more if you give them food they enjoy, or petting them in specific spots they like, vice versa for dislikes. playing fetch or other lil interactions and reactions). Wearables collections for the animals and yourself, trading system with merchant, backpack system for expanding inventory through crafting, dynamic island rotating system (archipelago style), new island content packs with new biomes, plants, crafting recipes, and potentially new creatures, and miniquests specific to those regions. optional new narrative introduction and quest-line for players who prefer a richer narrative or hand-guided experience. and a whole bunch of other mechanics on a backlog list in our digital documents that we will get to once these are all “done”.

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  1. Whenever I plant something in my garden, the only produce things the first time. Once I harvest them, they don’t grow things again. Is that just how it is or am I doing something wrong? I’ve just been replanting over and over again whereas the naturally spawned plants grow back like normal.

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