Garry’s Mod – How to Make Custom Textured Ragdoll

I’m going to teach you how you can make your own made character!

Guide to Make Custom Textured Ragdoll

It’s only 6 steps

  1. Applications

You going to need some applications which you can find below:

You downloaded it? Good. Let’s go to the next step

  1. Getting the model

I’m going to use the male citizen models but you can decide which charater do you want to edit

You’ll going to need hl2 for this… but I will link the picture if you’re too lazy or just don’t have the game. So go to here:

  • D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2 when you get here find hl2_textures_dir

Cool now if you’re downloaded GCFScale open with it but if can’t see just right click on it and select “opens with another app” or smt like that and than find GCFScape. You should see this:

Follow the steps:

  • Go to materials –> models –> humans –> male –> group01

Did you get there? cool we’re almost at the end. The next thing you need to do is drag the citizen_sheet.vtf to the desktop.Create a new folder on your desktop named “materials” than “models” and “humans” and “male” and “group01” just like when we searched for the model.

  1. Convert the model

This step might be a little bit hard. Only thing you need to do is click on the vtf file and it should opens the VTFEdit. You going to see the models in pieces, don’t mind it it’s not important now. Click on tools.

Then go click “Convert Folder”.

This window should popup.

Click on the three dots than choose the folder which you made on your desktop (the group01).

When you did it choose the png file.

Then you’ll be done with the third step!

  1. Edit the model

Edit the png (charater) in any program, I use photoshop but you can edit with any application.

  1. Getting the edited model’s vtf file

If you’re get that long good job than! What you need to do is put the edited png file back in the group01 folder. Open the “citizen_sheet.vtf” than click tools, convert folder, choose the same folder (group01) click on “To” and change tga to png.

Press convert and your model should be converted to the group01 folder.

  1. Final step

Go to here:

  • D:\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\materials

Than drag the materials folder (which is on your desktop probably) and you’re good to go! You’re done and it’s should work. It will replace all the citizen male skins.

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