People Playground – Radiant Achievement Guide

This guide will show how to unlock Radiant achievement in the People Playground game.

How to Obtain Radiant Achievement

How-To: Step-by-Step

Before you start I’ll tell you this, its really simple.

  1. Place a Blood Tank and spawn a lot of atom bombs around it, or on top of each other.
  2. Connect all of the atom bombs to the Blood Tank with a Blood Vessel Wire (Make sure the tank is on pull).
  3. Then it will start sucking the radioactive stuff from the nukes.
  4. When its finished, you can delete them all.
  5. Then continue to spawn a human, and put the Blood Tank on ‘idle’, then connect a Blood Vesel Wire, when you connected it to the human make all the radioactive stuff go inside him by activating the Blood Tank.

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